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Persuasive Essay on Censorship of Books

Censorship of books is the process which is characterized with the removal of books from the libraries and prohibition of their reading. The history of censorship of books is quite old and the humanity knows many books which were banned years ago. The problem of censorship depends on the political situation of the country and somehow on its traditions and customs. It is natural that many books were prohibited because of the content which could offence the reader. If the book contained rude vocabulary, it was asked to be edited, otherwise censorship would not be able to let it appear at the library.

Nowadays the situation is different and rule words can not be the motive of the prohibition of the book. Then, the majority of books were removed from the libraries because of the content which criticized the political system, the monarch, the government of the country or the ruling party. The government could not permit printing such books in order to keep their authority in safety. The church was another source of censorship, because if the religious views of the certain people were hurt, the book could not be accepted for printing.

Nowadays most of the prohibited books are the books which criticize the current condition of the human civilization, give the alternative vision of the important historic events and present antisocial information and propagate the dangerous and destructive information. It is obvious that people have the right to have the freedom of speech and the free access to information, so the issue on censorship of books is often understood as the wrong policy.

Censorship of books is the serious problem for the research and students have the chance to present their opinion about the pluses and minuses of this policy of the state. The young person is obliged to present a few facts about the purpose of book censorship and the strong and weak sides of this practice. One should prove to the reader that certain books should be banned for the common good or on the contrary, that books must not be prohibited because the humanity has the free access towards information and content of all kinds. The student’s essay is expected to be full of arguments and contain convincing tone of the presentation of the evidence.

The student is able to complete a quality essay if he follows instructions of the Internet sources. One can look through a well-organized free example persuasive essay on censorship of books and design a professional paper himself. A free sample persuasive essay on censorship of books is a constructive piece of help for every inexperienced student who requires a hint for the quality writing.