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Persuasive Essay on Banning Books

Banning books is the policy of the severe book censorship with the purpose to prohibit the reading and spreading of the book at the bookstores and libraries. Banning books is based on the negative attitude of the government towards the book, because it contains ideas which do not meet the ideology of the ruling government. Since the development of book printing the problem of banning books has become quite serious. In the medieval times many books which contained ideas against Christianity and its principles were banned, numerous scientific books among them. At that time science and the belief about the space and the shape of Earth were different and if someone dared to write the alternative idea which did not meet the dogma of the church, he was executed and his book was banned. With the run of time many books were banned, which mainly touched upon the sphere of religion, politics and biography or analysis of the life and activity of the monarch.

Even the more or less civilized 20th century banned a great number of books. The majority of them propagated the destructive way of life and caused international scandals because of their provocative anti-religious or anti-social content. Even today there are many books which are banned in the certain parts of the world, because the offence the religious views of the certain people and alter the historic facts introducing disorder and chaos into masses. It is obvious that the policy of banning books is a ridiculous one, because the human thought is free and the book must not be banned just because its theme and major ideas do not meet the idea and policy of the current government.

Banning books can be called a serious topic for the research and the student should make his persuasive essay informative and thought-provoking in order to prove that book banning is a positive or on the contrary – negative phenomenon. The student is supposed to research the topic in detail and share his ideas about the reasons and consequences of book banning and the influence of this policy on the society. The essay is the student’s subjective opinion about the issue of book banning and it should be written in the persuasive way to attract the professor’s attention.

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