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Persuasive Essay on Autism

Autism is the disorder which occurs because of the impropriate development of the human brain. The disorder is characterized with the deficit of the social relations and communication and with the constantly repeated actions. All the symptoms can be identified before the age of three. All the symptoms which have the similarities with autism are associated with the complex disorders of autistic spectrum. The roots of autism can be observed with the human genes, but experts still do not understand the entire cause of autism – the interrelation of numerous genes or mutations. There is also a hypothesis which is connected with the cause of autism after the child vaccination. According to the official statistics every 88th child in the world suffers from autism and the frequency of the disorder is four times more likely among boys than girls. Autism is associated with the changes in the human brain but no one knows about the origin of these alterations. In spite of the existence of numerous techniques and rich methodology which helps children suffering from autism find their place in the society and life quite a regular life, there is no remedy for autism which would completely cure the disorder yet.

There are cases that patients manage to reach success in some activity and many experts guess that autism is not a disorder but a certain special condition of the human brain and very often it is for the better, because every person with autism has a special skill or talent (the repeated action which is done professionally with the run of time). Autism is easily confused with the simple refusal of carrying out active social relations. Many children do not like playing with their mates and their parents start being afraid that the children have autism.

Autism is quite a serious disorder which is becoming more and more frequent nowadays and students can devote their time to the research of the problem and demonstration their own point of view about it. The aim of the essay is to persuade the reader in the urgency of the problem under the analysis and attraction of the attention towards the problems of the patients suffering from autism and illustration of their everyday life. The student should think about the cause and effect of the problem and support his ideas with the convincing up-to-date arguments.

It is not always easy to prepare a quality persuasive essay and the student is able to succeed in writing with the assistance of the Internet and a free example persuasive essay on autism analyzed by an expert. The quality of the advice of a free sample persuasive essay on autism can not be exaggerated, because it informs about the right order of formatting and composition of the paper.

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