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Persuasive Essay on Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is the complex of the sources of energy which can substitute the existing exhausting and harmful sources of energy and prevent the possible energy crisis. The problem of alternative energy is probably the most troublesome and thought-provoking one, because people all over the world understand that the current supplies of mineral resources and sources of energy (oil, gas, coal) will be exhausted in no more than fifty years and the humanity will remain without energy and it will be treated like the collapse of the human civilization. The current situation of the development of the alternative sources of energy is connected not only with the prevention of the energy crisis, but with the unfavourable ecologic condition of the natural environment. The modern sources of energy (oil, gas and coal) are not only very expensive bur also harmful for the natural environment, because they pollute water, air and soil and cause harm to the human health and life. The wastes and pollutants released during the processing of oil and coal are extremely contaminative and the humanity should think about the alternative energy which would be safe, cheap and inexhaustible.

The most effective alternative sources of energy are: the power of the wind, the solar energy and the power of the water. The effectiveness of numerous wind farms and solar energy farms can not be overestimated. The power of the wind is inexhaustible, as well as the rays of the Sun and the power of seas and oceans. The human being just has to learn to use these powers of the nature in the right way and it will help people live in harmony with nature and reduce their harmful effect on the environment.

Alternative energy is the only solution to the problem of energy crisis which can occur very soon. When the student is working a persuasive essay, he is supposed to analyze the issue on alternative energy in detail and convince the audience in the truthfulness of his arguments. One is expected to prepare a quality description of the problem on alternative energy, provide the list of the advantages or disadvantages proving the usefulness of the alternative energy or its ineffectiveness. The essay has a subjective tone, so the student does not have to bother about the differences in the opinions of various people.

A persuasive essay is always a big difficulty for every student, because an inexperienced young person does not know about the appropriate techniques of the convincing writing, so a quality free example persuasive essay on alternative energy can be of good help for students. With the reputed opinion of a professional writer of a free sample persuasive essay on alternative energy the student is able to master the skills of writing and the right norms of formatting of the paper.

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