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Nursing Essay on Communication Skills

Communication skills in nursing are vital for this profession. According the latest surveys, patients need both physical and psychological assistance when they are in the hospital. The reason of this need is natural. A human being can be cured faster if his mood is positive and when someone helps him go through the process of recovery. It is notable to take pills and mixtures in order to kill the cause of the disease.

In fact, it is possible to improve the influence of these pills with the help of communication and simple encouragement. No wonder, every professional nurse should be a skillful physicist, devoted friend and excellent psychologist and teacher. Nowadays, the course of psychology is paramount at every medical school and college that trains nurses. Thus, a nurse is a multitasking and mentally strong and mature person who is able to provide her patient with physical and psychological aid.

When one appears in the hospital, he finds himself in the completely strange and unknown environment. I can say that hospital is the additional stress to a patient. Alongside with his illness, he will have to get used to the new rules and standards held in the hospital. This psychological pressure is very serious for many patients. They are afraid of new contacts. Others are ashamed of their weakness. Some patients cannot stand the well-known monotony of the indoor atmosphere. No wonder, many patients are depressed and frustrated inasmuch as they cannot accept the new reality. The main duty of every nurse is to help patients spend their time in the hospital with pleasure. Nurses should help them adapt to the new environment and new schedule of this institution. It is vital to make patients believe that they are not burdens but regular people who are temporary weak. A smart nurse should speak to the new patient softly, get acquainted with him and promise that his staying in the hospital will be pleasant. In this case, you can see that it is important to master the skill of making friends and keeping an unobtrusive conversation.

If we recall the history of nursing, we will say that the first nurses had to look after the injured soldiers. This category of patients is very specific and uncommon. They require exceptional attention and support. Although a soldier is a strong and courageous man, he needs delicate help of a pitiful and cheerful nurse. A nurse should be able to hide her real emotions at the workplace. Without doubt, it is difficult to stay joyful and motivating when you see an injured soldier whose condition and future life is unstable. A nurse should behave as if everything is all right even if it is not. When she works with the ‘complicated’ patient who is going to pass away soon, she should make his last days or hours as painless and pleasant as possible. Needless to say but this behavior requires strong nerves and iron character. Very few people can be good nurses.

A nurse is a teacher and informal leader. A nurse should not just be pitiful and kind. She should be firm and persistent. When a patient refuses to take his remedies, she should be able to make him take them. She is supposed to be persuasive, sober and authoritative. A patient should respect her. When her authority is questioned, the success of her work is poor. Patients appreciate firm and resolute nurses. Such nurses look professional, experienced and credible. A patient understands that his life depend on his physicist and nurse. A self-reliant nurse is always appreciated. Patients feel like kids when she works with them.

What are the consequences of ineffective communication? Many nurses occupy this position because they need money. They do not care of their patients. They go to the hospital in order to improve their financial condition and nothing more. Doubtless, such nurses are ineffective and even dangerous. When she fails to speak to a ‘complicated’ patient, he can be depressed. His condition will worsen and the entire progress of his recovery will be spoilt. What is more, the lack of communication causes harm to patients, forasmuch they feel neglected and abandoned. Inexperienced nurses demonstrate their anger, frustration or fear. Every negative reaction of a healthcare provider is harmful for a patient. He loses his spirits and belief into his further recovery.

Communication in nursery is one of the primary skills of a well-trained and professional nurse. A good nurse provides patients with physical and psychological assistance.

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