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Novel Review Writing Tips

High school and college students are often asked to read books at their free time. Then, they are expected to complete book reviews, advertising the book to the audience. It is quite easy to review a short story book. However, students have to read something more solid.

Therefore, young people should learn how to write novel reviews if they choose to read this genre of literature.

  • Step One: Read the Novel Attentively and Make Notes. An average novel covers about 300 or even 600 pages. Reading requires much time and energy. Thus, you will never agree to read the entire book again if you forget the description of a certain character, event of item. If you want to save time and efforts, you ought to make notes or underline the most paramount moments and episodes in the text while reading the novel. For instance, if you come across a brief description of someone’s appearance or occupation, write it down. It will be useful to you when you start writing the review. Moreover, it is wise to think about the problems and themes presented in the novel. Write them down too and support your idea with a few examples from the text. If you read the text and make notes, you will see that you are through with the half of your novel review.
  • Step Two: Write the Introduction. The introductory section of your novel review should contain several major subsections. To begin with, collect information about the author. It is impossible to analyze a novel if you do not research the author’s personality. In addition, learn about the historical period and social circumstances that could have influenced the process of writing. Evaluate the author’s style and professionalism. Say whether he managed to deliver his idea to the reader. Was it easy to recognize the hidden social, political, economic or existential problems in the text? Secondly, focus on the structure of the novel. How many parts does the novel contain? Think about the choice of the peculiar structure. Finally, write about the choice of the novel. Why have you decided to read the novel of this very author? Who recommended it to you?
  • Step Three: Prepare the Main Body of the Novel Review. The main body of the novel review is supposed to contain many subcategories. Devote a new paragraph to every new thought. The foremost paragraph should play the role of a summary of the novel. Write about 200 words presenting the main idea, events and characters of the book. Write about the place and time of the action. When you are through with the summary, you can continue the review in any manner you wish. Mention the main characters of the novel and say a few words about them. It will nice to evaluate their positive and negative sides and define their role in the entire story. Next, you should concentrate on the events that take place in the background of the story. In simple words, represent the world your main characters live in. In the end, write about the themes and problems that can be found in the novel. You can mention such themes as love, friendship, poverty, religion, international relations, treachery, etc. Of course, you will have to rely on the definite examples taken from the text.
  • Step Four: Evaluate the Style of the Novel. It is vital to analyze the text attentively and find all possible stylistic devices there. Say how the author operates metaphors, similes, hyperboles, etc. Is the novel rich in stylistic devices? Why were they introduced? Do they improve the quality of the novel and make it more pleasant to read? Try to classify the detected stylistic devices and present the most typical ones to the audience. Does the author possess his person manner of writing? Will you be able to recognize his other texts if they were unsubscribed?
  • Step Five: Conclude the Novel Review. The final paragraph of the novel review should be devoted to its conclusion. Say whether you enjoy the novel and what you like about it. Furthermore, you can mention your favorite character or event described in the novel. Support your choice with the examples from the text. You can also evaluate the author’s writing skill. Was the book easy to read? Did you like its style? Are you satisfied with the ending of the story? You should finally say whether you would recommend this novel to other students. Why?

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