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Narrative Essay about Life Experience

New experience and emotions are the most important factors of our psychological wellbeing. When you experience something new, you become stronger and cleverer. You become wiser when you cope with the definite challenges. Naturally, there are different types of life experience and I would like to say a few words about my staying in Venice. I learnt about the foreign culture, its people and traditions. This life experience has made me stronger and adoptable to the challenges of the surrounding world. I am not afraid of new places, new people and foreign languages anymore.

Last year I spent five weeks in Venice. It was my first journey to Europe. I have always dreamt about the journey to Venice. I have read about this city a lot and I wanted to look at it with my own eyes. Obviously, I was extremely excited and stressed, because I have never spent so much time abroad. Moreover, I was alone, because my colleagues refused traveling with me. My plane landed in the Marco Polo International Airport and I found myself in Italy. I knew that Venice is a small city but I could not feel it as it was overcrowded with various people who were swarming in every corner of the street. I suppose I have not seen a single native Venetian, because the entire city is inhabited by tourists.

My hotel was not far from the historical center of Venice; therefore, I was able to look at the marvelous ancient buildings just through my window. I was surprised that many Italians could not speak English. Fortunately, I had a portable phrasebook, which helped me communicate with the elderly owner of my hotel, who could not understand my speech at all. Local vendors could tell me a few words in English and I managed to purchase everything I needed without any problems. I was pleased to discover that nearly every waiter at local pizzerias and small restaurants could speak English well. Of course, I tried to practice my Italian in order to be polite; therefore, I made my orders in Italian. Evidently, the local people were extremely glad that I tried to use their language. I should say that I am satisfied with the level of my Italian. Moreover, I understood that it is easier to learn new words in the foreign environment. I heard Italian everywhere and absorbed every word and expression. This linguistic experience cannot be overestimated.

Venice is a very beautiful and specific city. I could not understand how a city can exist on the water without the common roads. This city is interesting from the point of view of logistics and systems of transport and communication. The majority of local people lived on the separate islands and they came to their workplaces in the old city on ferries. It is interesting that they have to come on time, because the next ferry comes in a few hours. I understood that the locals have to plan their day strictly, because of the complicated condition of their transportation. Then, I observed the process of garbage collection. Since the old city is located on the water, garbage is removed on the special ferries too.

Finally, every local store and a small vendor receives all products in the same way. Even the police move about the city on their own boats. You can imagine the intensiveness of the river transport in the narrow canals of Venice. I am glad that I have received the chance to observe the lifestyle of the people who live in the different environment. This experience is very important for the development of my outlook.

I suppose staying abroad is the most valuable life experience, because it helps check your communicative skills and improve your knowledge about the different culture and people. It is a good chance to find new friends and visit new places.

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