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Most Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

An essay is supposed to be an easy assignment, but still everyone makes many mistakes while writing it and these mistakes belong to different categories starting from punctuation and spelling and finishing with the style of writing.

So, the most widespread mistakes which can be observed in essays are:

  1. The most common mistakes belong to punctuation and spelling, because many students forget about the basic rules of spelling and miss some letters in the words. Of course, such errors spoil the general impression about the essay, as they are supposed to be the basic ones. On the other hand, punctuation mistakes are not treated like the serious ones, because it is difficult to define where to put the coma or not.
  2. Grammar mistakes are supposed to be quite serious ones, because they spoil and alter the structure of the sentence and change the student’s thought. Even if the essay is written brilliantly, the student will not awarded with the highest mark if there grammar errors in the text.
  3. There are also mistakes in the structure of the essay, when the student fails to prepare a good introduction or misses it at all starting just from the discussion of the issue. Sometimes students forget about the denouement letting their essays stay without a summary and it makes the impression that the essay is not finished.
  4. Sometimes students fail to complete their essays according to the norms of the essay’s type. There are dozens of kinds of essays and every type has its own content, type of vocabulary, manner of writing and the purpose of writing. There are essays which require student’s personal opinion about something, description, narration, etc and the manner and the type of the content should be completely different in such essays.
  5. Mistakes in the style of writing are supposed to be quite serious and they really spoil the quality of the whole essay, because, if one looks at it objectively, the student has failed the whole assignment having prepared the wrong type of the essay. Moreover, the style requires the special vocabulary (literary, scientific, professional, etc), special formal or informal manner of presentation of the information and the special way argumentation of one’s point of view. The student will need to follow if he does not use slangs and colloquialisms in his essay, because any style of the assignment is proper for this sort of language.
  6. The final important problem of the majority of students is the writing about the different topic. The main problem of the essay is one, but the student develops his thought so deeply, that it becomes too far from the main theme of the chosen topic of the essay, so one should be constantly focused on the core matter of the paper.

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