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Marketing Essay on McDonald’s

I will not overestimate if I say that McDonald’s is the king of fast food. You can find McDonald’s restaurants practically in every corner of the world. There are thousands of such spots in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Thus, McDonald’s has conquered the world.

When you are hungry and do not have time and will to cook, a fast food restaurant is the best choice. However, you will not go to any fast food restaurant. You will definitely choose McDonald’s due to its reputation, quality and price. Even if you find a similar fast food restaurant offering similar dishes, you will not go there. You will go to McDonald’s. Why? Because this chain of fast food restaurants works according to the best marketing strategy.

What makes McDonald’s so popular? Let us analyze its marketing mix in detail. The foremost element of its popularity is product. A successful fast food restaurant provides its customers with the wide choice of dishes. McDonald’s possesses quite a rich menu. One can find dozens of dishes there.

This wide choice makes McDonald’s look like a cozy family restaurant but not a dirty and shabby fast food cart that offers only hot dogs or hamburgers. The experts study and monitor their clients trying to satisfy them. They ask clients about their favorite dishes and introduce them in a menu.

Doubtless, some dishes are popular and other lose their popularity. It is vital to notice the reduction of popularity and invent something new. McDonald’s is the best in this aspect. It can satisfy the most sophisticated customer. Although it is a chain of fast food restaurants, its offers healthy food in its menu. You can find burgers, potato, meat, salads and all possible types of desserts and beverages. Children, grownups and mature people will find something special there.

Moreover, McDonald’s offers seasonable dishes varying its menu considerably. Conservative returning customers come to the restaurant to buy their favorite ‘classical’ hamburgers. Other people come to try something new and uncommon. McDonald’s satisfies everyone.

The second paramount element is price. When a fast food restaurant wants to attract customers, it should offer affordable products to them. No one will buy expensive fast food products inasmuch as one can go to a common restaurant that offers complex dishes. Thus, McDonald’s tries to make its price as low as possible in order to compete with other fast food restaurants which have to reduce their prices constantly. In my opinion, McDonald’s is a perfect place for young businessmen who respect their time and money. When they have free time, they can go to a fast food restaurant and order any dish at once. They will not have to wait long for their dish as at a regular restaurant. Moreover, the price of such dishes is much lower.

What about promotion? McDonald’s is the absolute leader in this aspect. It uses all possible means of communication to promote its products. When you turn on the TV or surf the Internet, you will definitely notice numerous ads devoted to McDonald’s. When you are in the street, you see McDonald’s posters and ads everywhere. What is more, the image of McDonald’s has become a synonym of mass culture. When you turn on any American movie, you will notice McDonald’s restaurants in the streets. The main characters have dinner or meet there. The image of McDonald’s is recorded in your brains at the subconscious level. McDonald’s becomes a regular thing to you. It is vital to mention the marketing policy devoted to children. Marketers advertise their dishes with the help of numerous techniques. Firstly, it is ‘Happy Meal’. Children become loyal to McDonald’s because they find a toy in their food bag. They ask parents to purchase a ‘Happy Meal’ in order to get a toy.

With the run of time, they begin enjoying hamburgers and cola as well. Secondly, there are small parks and attractions for children at every restaurant. They enjoy themselves there while their parents have dinner at McDonald’s.

The final element is place. If you decide to have a walk around your city, you will notice McDonald’s restaurants in every district. Sometimes McDonald’s restaurants are located at the distance of one mile from one another. In simple words, McDonald’s is everywhere. It is looking for hungry clients in every corner of the city. Furthermore, there are many restaurants on the highways between big cities. When you ride your car for several hours and get hungry, you can have a snack at McDonald’s.

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