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Lifetime Goals Essay Sample

A lifetime goal is the major aim of one’s life. Naturally, one has to set his lifetime goal at the earliest age. Then, he will do his best to reach it. Do you have your own lifetime goal? Some people want to found their own business. Others want to build a successful career in an international corporation. Someone wants to find his true love and create his own family. Another one dreams of becoming a sportsman. Finally, one wants to purchase his own yacht in order to start his round the world journey. Doubtless, lifetime goals depend on preferences. Everyone has his own lifetime goal, which can speak about his character, hobbies and values. I will concentrate on the basic analysis of several categories of lifetime goals.

The most common type of a lifetime goal is connected with career. Nearly 50% of people dream about highly paid occupation and their own business. Obviously, it is smart to found your own firm and make money producing goods and services you like.

Unfortunately, very few people manage to embody this dream, because they are not able to run their business professionally. On the other hand, it is possible to gain good education and build your successful career in a big corporation. Some people manage to attain the leading positions in solid companies and get respect and status.

Many people believe that the biggest achievement of their life is their family. Of course, it is difficult to say that a family is a lifetime goal. However, there are people who looking forward to meeting their true love in order to start their own family.

Education is a very specific and serious issue. Years ago, very few people could afford good education, which was very expensive. At that time, one could dream about a college or university, which opened new options of self-development.

Some smart people want to build their academic career. Of course, they require the highest academic degrees in order to gain reputation and respect in these circles. Naturally, it is very hard to obtain doctoral degrees. If one wants to become a professor, he will have to write a solid scientific book, which will demonstrate his knowledge and maturity. It does not worth mentioning that one requires many years of hard work to make this dream come true.

Another interesting kind of a lifetime dream is connected with travelling. I suppose it is the best lifetime dream, because you are able to broaden your horizons, rest, entertain and keep fit simultaneously. When you visit the place of your dream, you are filled with positive emotions and excitement. Some people dream of visiting a great number of countries. Their lifetime dream is to visit as many places as possible. Many people manage to travel around the whole planet and I believe these people are the happiest in the world. They see new places, people, cultures, traditions, lifestyle, etc. This experience is extremely valuable for every holistic person.

There are people who dream about some dangerous actions. For example, one can dream about parachute jump. Doubtless, this action requires composure and courage. No wonder, some people call it the most memorable moment of their life. Finally, there are mountain climbers who dream about the highest peaks. They train many years to conquer Everest or other high mountains. When you manage to climb on the highest mountain in the world, you can say that you have achieved something in your life.

Everybody with agree with me, that a solid lifetime goal plays the role of the meaning of life. When you have planned to achieve something, you work hard to reach your goal. You are always motivated and interested in the results of your activity. When one does not have a lifetime goal, his life does not have sense. It is reasonable to generate a realistic dream of your life in order to make your life sensible and exciting.

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