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Learn How to Write a College Biography Paper

Sometimes college students are asked to prepare an interesting biography paper. This assignment is very specific, because it differs from ordinary essays and research papers. Obviously, a biography is a combination of narrative descriptive writing and research. One has to analyze a personality in order to be able to describe and present the details of her life effectively. Creativity is probably the most important skill you require for biography paper writing.

  • Step One: Choose the Right Personality. If you want to impress your reader, you ought to choose an interesting personality for description. Doubtless, this job is very hard. It is unreasonable to write about your friends or parents, because you are a college student and you have to write about something relevant and serious. The best choice is a celebrity. You can choose between actors, writers, politicians, sportsmen, artists, scientists, etc. It is smart to write a biography of a well-known and recognizable person. Although, you ought to bear in mind that you will have to work hard in order to impress readers with brand new and unknown facts about her life. No one wants to read well-known information about a celebrity. People want sensation and spicy facts.
  • Step Two: Collect Information about the Personality. You should collect facts about the life and activity of the chosen personality and analyze them attentively. You are able to go to the library and find a few books and periodicals that touch upon your subject. It does not worth mentioning that you need to be careful while choosing the sources for research. You should rely on trustworthy and eminent authors. If you have chosen an alive person for biography writing, you are able to interview her. In this case, you should turn on your creativity and critical thinking skill. You have to ask the most sensible and interesting questions. Otherwise, you will not find out anything special about your subject. When you interview a person or read about her in a book, you ought to pay attention to the slightest details, because these small unnoticeable moments can make your story better.
  • Step Three: Choose a Good Manner of Writing. When you write a biography of a specific person, you should choose the right tone and style of writing. Naturally, if you are a college student, you should write in a formal way. Of course, you can insert light jokes and proper stylistic devices for the improvement of your text. You play the role of a writer; therefore, you have the best opportunity to polish your narrative writing skills. As for the tone, it depends on your subject. If you write a biography about an unhappy person who suffered a lot, you will not prepare your text with elated mood. On the contrary, when you write about a comedian, you must now write about him in a dry or gloomy way.
  • Step Four: Write an Intriguing Introduction. Everyone will agree that it is difficult to attract the reader’s attention to your story. The best way to reach this goal is to prepare an intriguing and captive introduction. You can choose a good quote that characterizes the life of your personality or mention a funny brief episode from his/her biography.
  • Step Five: Divide Your Text into logical Sections. You cannot write a biography in a chaotic way. You cannot write down random facts about one’s life. You ought to break down your text into logical sections. Write about his/her childhood, education, private life, professional activity and career. Write about the most important achievements of your personality and persuade readers in his/her importance for the human society.

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