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Leadership Experience Essay Example

Who is a leader? How should the real leader behave? Doubtless, it is very difficult to be a leader, because he is responsible for other people. The success of the whole group depends on the professionalism and creativity of its leader.

When a group is managed by a skillful and coldhearted leader, it will surely reach its goal. A leader should be smart and risky if he wants to manage his team well. I should say that very few people can become good leaders, because this job is very challenging and energy-consuming. I had a chance to play the role of a leader in different situations and I would like to share my impressions about the problem of leadership.

To begin with, I was a leader of a volleyball team at school. I was 14 years old and I was chosen as the leader of my school team. I was fond of sports; therefore, I tried to reveal my potential intensively. My coach noticed my skills and my informal authority among other students. I tried to organize my mates to work hard. I encouraged them to play well and improved their spirit. When we played against other teams, I directed their actions and invented different methods, which helped us win every game. I raised their spirit with the help of jokes, because good humor is the best remedy for stress.

Everybody knows that stress is the worst enemy for every sportsman; therefore, I paid attention to this factor. On the other hand, I did not punish my mates when we lost. I always showed my respect and gratitude for their hard work.

When I was at college, I founded a small organization for students who were interested in cinematography. We gathered twice a week to watch a new film and discuss it. I managed this informal club and chose classical movies that impressed the audience. I had to read a lot in order to get to know about the best classical movies, which are worth attention. I had to make my club interesting to others. I spent a few hours daily in order to work out the plan of our following meeting. Very soon, this club became popular and attracted a great number of students from different faculties. I understood that I possessed good managerial skills. I could organize the work for the entire group of students successfully. Moreover, I was responsible for the quality of the content. I was responsible for the validity of our organization. I resolved conflicts between students when they argued about the choice of a new film. I resolved conflicts between teachers and students when they argued about the schedule of our meetings. I managed to find the room for our club. My importunity helped us develop and improve this small organization. I believe this club exists even now. I can be proud that I established a new student society in my college.

Finally, I have always wanted to manage my own business. Fortunately, my father has his private carwash and I can try my skills of a leader on practice. When he is busy or ill, I receive the change to manage this carwash in the way I want. I have spent much time to understand the principle of its work. Moreover, I designed my own approach towards with business.

My father agreed to embody it into life for a few months. He was surprised that my simple decisions helped us increase our revenue seriously. I believe that I will be able to start my own business when I graduate from my university. I have received enough leadership experience to make serious decisions.

In conclusion, it is very difficult to be a good leader. You ought to work hard in order to reach the expected goal. It is hard to plan, develop, motivate and encourage people to fulfill their duties in the way you want.

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