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Informative Speech on Stress

Good morning,

Today, I will speak about a weighty problem of stress. In modern dynamic society, stress is a part of our everyday life. Doubtless, everyone realizes what stress is though very few people know the exact definition of this term. Stress is a natural reaction of our organism on the stressor or irritant. When we live in tension, anger, frustration and anxiety, our organism requires relax. A human being cannot accumulate many negative emotions. One day her reserves exhaust and her reaction will be explosive. No wonder, many people break furniture, dishes and everything they hold in their hands in order to purify their nerves from the impact of stress. I would like to pay attention to such paramount problems as the cause and effect of stress and the ways that can be useful to cope with it.

There are many factors that can cause stress. Foremost, I can mention the workplace. Although people are social creatives, they are too different. Everyone has his own interests, values and preferences. If we work in a group, we have to cooperate and communicate with others. Very often, we have to coexist with the negatives traits of character of our companions or coworkers. We have to listen to their awful jokes and boring stories about their families. Needless to say but it makes us nervous. Then, there are clients and customers. This factor is much more frustrating whereas their behavior is often inadequate. Customers ask irrelevant and weird questions and sometimes they offend you pointing out at the disadvantages of your work. An employer is another case. Definitely, there are amiable and sympathetic employers. Unluckily, there are also demanding and pitiless bosses who treat their employees like furniture. Without doubt, when you receive reprimands from your boss, you are stressed, angry and nervous.

The second problem is the change in your environment. When you move to another city, enter a college or get married, your customary life disappears. You have to get used to the new rules, standards, schedules, people and attitude. It is an enormous stress to our organism to change the norms of life at a moment’s notice. It is not a secret that we want to escape from the new place or occupation, inasmuch as we cannot bear these rapid and cardinal changes.

The third factor is our dynamic lifestyle. Big city life is associated with constant rush, stress and shortage of time. We want to be on time at the workplace, school, university, meeting, etc. When we use public transport, we meet many people. Their faces and mimicry can be unpleasant to us. Their behavior can be rude and provocative. Surely, it irritates us. Many people dream about the escape to a calm and uninhabited place to have a short rest from the daily routine and stressors.

Ultimately, there are three major factors that cause stress. I would like to inform you about several useful tips that can help you cope with negative emotions and constant anxiety. Firstly, try to think positively. When there is an unpleasant object, ignore it. Do not waste your nerves on unpleasant matters and people. Smile! Do morning exercises or go to the gym after work. It will help you keep fit and positive. In addition, you will fill your body with energy. You will not be sleepy and exhausted all the time. According to the advice of numerous psychologists, reading and writing kills stress. Read a book before going to bed and keep a diary noting your ideas and observations. Listen to music and watch films in order to escape from the routine and common problems. When at work, try to communicate with the best coworkers who share your ideas and interests. Do not overreact when your boss is angry with you. Bear in mind that he wants to encourage you but he does not know other ways of doing it. When you are at a new place, survive at least the first three days. You will get used to the new environment and people soon.

Stress is a delicate and disputable problem. In my opinion, we can cope with it if we stay positive and pay less attention to the unnecessary and worthless stressors.