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Informative Speech on Social Media

Good morning to everyone.

Today I would like to inform you about the role of social media in our life. Very few people understand that they are the co-creators of social media involuntarily. When you place your comment under a post in Facebook, you become a developer of social media. When you write a new post in your blog, you broaden the content of the Internet. When you play an online video game, you a part of social media too. In brief, every action in the Internet influences the current condition of social media. What is social media? Let us observe this problem in detail.

Social media is a complex of computer-mediated tools that provide people with the opportunity to create, store, exchange, share and process different types of information in social networks or any other virtual communities. There are different classifications of social media. I will point out at the most important ones. Foremost, there are common projects that connect people, who share the same interests in business, reading, entertainment, education, cinematography, art, occupation, music, etc. Secondly, there are blogs and microblogs devoted to the specific problem or set of problems. Finally, there are social networks and communities in virtual reality. We must not forget about virtual worlds of video games inasmuch as millions of people spend their time playing various online games with others.

I agree completely that social media provide people with vast opportunities. Firstly, they are among the best means of mass media. I dare say that the means of social media transmit news faster than television, radio and press do. Nowadays, every professional journalist has an account in social networks. When he/she discovers fresh news, this information is posted in Facebook, Twitter and other networks. They do not need to wait until the daily news program is broadcasted on TV. They do not need to wait a few days until their article is published in a newspaper. Social media guarantee the supply of authentic and firsthand information in the shortest terms.

We cannot underestimate the value of social media for business and marketing. Every big corporation and solid firm pays special attention to the promotion of its products through the means of social media. They advertise goods and services in social networks, blogs, content communities, etc. Social media are beneficial for business whereas they open brand new approach towards potential customers. The most crucial factor is the price of advertising. If you want to broadcast an ad of your company on TV, you will have to pay enormous sums of money. Social media on its turn is free. One requires an account in social networks or virtual communities and that is it. One can deliver personal messages or create posts devoted to his company, goods and services. What is more, it is easier to broaden the scope of advertising in the Internet. You can manipulate pictures, videos, audio files, etc. promoting your products. Ultimately, you can conduct various opinion polls about the quality and price of your goods and services. Sometimes it is possible to read a comment under your post in order to invent a new product or find a good way out from crisis. Bear in mind that these free remarks and comments of common users can bring profit to you.

Social media is a rich source of entertainment and promotion of the elements related with this field. New songs, movies, video clips and books receive popularity in a few hours after their official release. When thousands of people share a post related to the particular music album or movie, millions of users know about it. Very soon they spread this information to their ‘friends’ and other members of the selected virtual communities and networks. In 24 hours after the release, a video clip can receive more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Social media are important for fashion and branding. New brands of clothes, new styles of haircut, new genres of music, art, new kinds of gadgets, etc. gain their popularity due to the hard work of the marketers who use the means of social media skillfully. They make people want these new fashionable and trendy items. Thus, it is possible to state that social media rule the world and make the world go round.

Thank you for attention.