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The Importance of Balanced Diet Essay

Why is healthy food important for us? What is a balanced diet? What should we eat to be healthy?

Everybody knows that we cannot survive without food. Food provides us with the microelements, vitamins and other important substances, which maintain the proper functioning of our organism. Of course, it is not right to consume any type of food. There are products, which influence our health badly. Therefore, there is a term of a ‘balanced diet’. One should consume only such products, which improve the condition of our body. This problem is very urgent and interesting, because modern people suffer from the influence of the unhealthy food and fast food meals.

It does not worth mentioning that the quality of our health depends on the quality of the food we consume. The value of food cannot be overestimated, because it maintains our body in the proper working order. Unfortunately, modern society is characterized with the growing effect of fast food and poor-quality products, which cause harm to our organism. Doubtless, everyone is busy and he refuses to waste time on cooking. Therefore, many people decide to have a snack at fast food restaurants. Frankly speaking, hamburgers, hot dogs and fried potatoes are very fat. They provide our organism with enormous quantities of carbohydrates and fat but we do not get proteins, which are very important for our health. Everybody knows that many developed countries have met with the problem of obesity. Moreover, such people suffer from cardiovascular diseases and problems with digestion. The problem is very relevant for children who eat many fast food products and gain extra weight in the very young age. They spoil their health and have problems with socialization. Their classmates often mock at them reducing their self-confidence and self-respect.

Let us define the main components of a balanced diet. If you want to improve your health, you ought to generate your personal everyday menu, which contains raw vegetables and fruit, meat, fish, dairy products, whole-grain cereals and nuts. You ought to avoid such products, which contain much fat and sugar. Moreover, bear in mind that the healthiest dishes are baked, boiled or steamed. Fried dishes are supposed to be unhealthy.

So, why should we have a balanced diet? To begin with, a balanced diet helps people prevent diseases.

When our body receives enough vitamins and microelements, our immune system works better. It copes with any threat easily. Moreover, the main indicators of our body (blood pressure, temperature, etc.) are normal. No wonder, the best remedy for every disease is a healthy balanced diet.

Secondly, a balanced diet helps us maintain our regular body weight. It does not worth mentioning that extra weight is very harmful for our health. It causes additional pressure on our heart. Therefore, the majority of the people who suffer from obesity die from heart attacks and other related cardiovascular problems. Then, a healthy diet helps people improve their beauty. When you consume healthy food, you do not gain extra weight, your skin, hair and nails are in the perfect condition.

Next, a balanced diet is important for children. When you want your child to grow rapidly, you should provide him/her with healthy food. According to the latest observations, the people in the developed countries are taller than in other parts of the world, because they can afford healthy food products and a balanced diet.

Finally, healthy food improves our memory and intellectual abilities. When you consume unhealthy food, you cannot think and work a lot. You require breaks for rest and sleep. You suffer from the shortage of energy, which reduces your performance.

To sum it all up, you ought to generate your own balanced diet in order to maintain the proper condition of your health. Of course, the effect of a diet is improved by physical exercises and active lifestyle.

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