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How to Write a Successful Essay

Essay writing is often quite a difficult job for every student, as this process requires much time, background knowledge and good writing skills. Unfortunately, students are not taught how to write a successful essay properly, so they need extra help to cope with this assignment successfully. There are dozens of various kinds of essays but they possess similar structure, so if you know how to do a good standard essay, you will be able to prepare any essay on any topic. There is a list of professional essay writing tips which will help you prepare an original high-quality essay which will improve your grades.

Successful Essay Writing Guidelines:

  1. First of all choose a good topic for the essay. It is obvious that it will be easier for you to cope with the topic you are good at. If you are free to brainstorm your own topic, use this chance wisely, as you can create such a topic which will impress the teacher and raise your potential in his eyes. The topic very often influences the type of the essay, for example, if you have to compare several things, objects or qualities, you will write a compare and contrast essay, but when you have just to describe a situation, event or a problem, you will write a narration essay or something of this kind.
  2. Write a good thesis statement which will measure the value of your essay. Try to brainstorm a catchy thesis statement to attract the reader’s attention. In order to create the very statement, think about some urgent problem or a citation connected with the given topic. Keep in mind that a good thesis statement should be as short as possible not to overload the reader with much information, but your brief words should express the problem of the essay, its urgency and importance.
  3. Now it is time to write a good outline for your essay to organize the writing process. Remember that every essay consists of three major parts which must not be omitted: the introduction (exposition), the body of the essay (the main part) and the denouement (or a conclusion). The first and the third part consist mostly of one paragraph, the main body may vary from one to 70 paragraphs and more, but the most popular number is three.
  4. Conduct scrupulous research to study the topic of the essay properly. Follow the outline and look for required material which will help you develop your topic in a good order. So, write an interesting introduction to prepare the reader for the main part and the research itself; present the results of your research in the main body and finally conclude (summarize) the entire essay trying to be as objective as possible generally taking the neutral side. Do not forget to proofread the essay to avoid grammatical and stylistic mistakes.

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