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How to Write a Great Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal writing is the necessary step for every student who plans to achieve Master’s and PhD degrees completing a successful dissertation on a certain discipline. Very often students do not know how to do a dissertation proposal properly and they lose their chance to write a dissertation on time, so if you have problems with this paper, take advantage of these high-quality dissertation writing tips which will be at hand for every young professional.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Guidelines:

  1. Select appropriate topic. While choosing a topic for the dissertation, avoid selecting broad general abstract topics, because it is difficult, even impossible to research them in detail, so choose a narrow topic which can be analyzed from all sides.
  2. Introduce a good thesis statement. The value of the dissertation proposal is often measured by its thesis statement. A thesis should briefly reflect the purpose and the general idea of the future dissertation. With the help of the thesis it is possible to prove that your topic is worth researching.
  3. Plan the writing process. If you want to prepare a good dissertation proposal, organize the writing process scrupulously. Plan every small detail and do everything in the logical order. Create an outline where all the chapters of the proposal will be mentioned.
  4. Conduct brief research. Even before writing the dissertation, you have to investigate the topic a little bit to be aware of its problems and peculiarities. Introduce this brief knowledge in the proposal to assure the professor that you have started working on the paper seriously.
  5. Provide methodology section. It will not be a secret that methodology chapter is one of the most important in any academic paper, because it reveals student’s abilities to research and analyze things critically. Mention all the methods of the research which will be used in your dissertation to impress the professor.
  6. Introduce the expectations and predict the results of your dissertation. Remember that a good dissertation always carries something new into the discipline or the chosen topic, so be creative and brainstorm interesting ideas. is committed to provide students with quality dissertation proposal help on any topic and in any discipline. Let our writers prepare a custom dissertation proposal for you.