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How to Write an Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a common assignment at high school and college, so students will have to learn how to write it correctly if they want to avoid all the problems connected with the assignments of this kind. Papers Mart provides students with high-quality compare and contrast essay writing guidelines which are useful for both well-trained and inexperienced students.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Tips:

  1. Create a Sound Introduction. Before writing the essay try to understand what you are going to compare, where these objects, phenomena or events are familiar to you and if not, look for extra information in books, periodicals and articles in the Internet. Having researched the problem you are ready to prepare the essay effectively. Start with a good exposition which presents the idea of the essay, the reason of writing, the value of the achieved results. A good citation will do if you want to attract teacher’s attention, so introduce it in the thesis statement.
  2. Compare the Suggested Problems. Prepare a well-organized compare part, which will present the similarities of the compared objects, events or phenomena after the successful introduction. In order to find similar sides in the given objects you have to think hard and turn on your imagination. Sometimes even the most different objects have much in common; you just have to brainstorm a few smart ideas.
  3. Analyze the Similarities and Differences of the Objects. Writing the main body of the essay you will need to start general opinion about the problem under research and only then introduce your own thoughts. Start with the compare part of the essay and try to convince the reader the suggested similarities offered by you really exist and support your point of view with the trustworthy evidence from the real life. Make the same writing the contrast section of the essay. This part gives you a vast field of thinking over. You are free to argue, criticize the compared phenomena and persuade the reader you are right providing facts which support your ideas.
  4. Summarize the Essay Wisely. Writing the essay remember to follow the strict structure of a classical 5-paragraph essay. It does not mean there should be strictly 5 paragraphs, you just need to create the explosion; the main body divided into the chosen number of paragraphs where you present facts, compare and contrast the required phenomena and denouement, which summarizes the ideas of the whole essay. One should not defend his point of view passionately, but treat the problem philosophically and create the conclusion which can satisfy everyone. For example, saying that in spite of having many differences the phenomena have much in common and have the right to exist in peace.

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