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How to Write the Best Persuasive Essay

One of the main tasks of high school, college and university is to teach a student to express his own thoughts and present his own point of view on any question. Besides, one is expected to be able to prove his point of view, so such assignments like a persuasive essay are quite common at the educational institutions. Unfortunately, students have troubles with writing a persuasive essay, because it is difficult to support ones point of view being quite an inexperienced individual, so below there are good persuasive essay writing guidelines which will be useful for every student who has any questions on essay writing.

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips:

  1. Chose a Good Topic for Analysis
    The secret of successful essay writing often hides in its topic. The easiest topics for research are the controversial ones, which do not have the single right solution or answer. Then, the topic should be brief and quite limited; otherwise you will have problems gathering your thoughts in logical order.
  2. Create a Sound Title and Thesis Statement
    In order to make the essay interesting for reading you have to attract the reader’s attention with the help of a good title and thesis statement which reflects the problem of the paper, the purpose of writing and the importance of the chosen topic. If a student manages to write a catchy thesis statement, which covers no more than two sentences and includes everything essential into it, the teacher will surely be impressed.
  3. Create a Logical Outline
    The key to success in essay writing is the organization of work, so one should plan the writing process professionally. First of all, think over the topic, depict the key points which are worth mentioning and further research and devote a separate paragraph for every point you are going to talk about.
  4. Collect Enough Data for the Research
    The essay should persuade the reader, that the positive or the negative side of the topic you support is the right one. First of all, you should present the topic and then divide the whole composition into two logical parts: advantages and disadvantages of the problem under analysis. Devote several paragraphs to the positive sides, than negative and finally chose your own side and try to prove that your choice is wise and convince the reader to follow you. In order to achieve his attention, provide your choice with sensible evidence taken from the reliable sources, like books, encyclopaedias, articles in the journals and the Internet.
  5. Summarize the Essay Successfully
    Having provided enough valuable data for the analysis, it is time to draw smart conclusions. Summarize your thoughts and remember to keep the narration interesting to attract the attention of the reader constantly.

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