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How to Write the Best Personal Statement

If you are applying to college, you have to demonstrate your best qualities to impress the admission commission and win the place at the chosen educational institution presenting a successful personal statement. As you understand there are thousands of students planning to enter a college every year and it is quite difficult to be different from the rest. It does not worth mentioning that standard personal statements will not impress the commission and the chances to enter a college are really poor. In order to change the situation, you have to work out an original personal statement which will not be similar to the grey mass of other applicants. Below you will find professional personal statement writing tips which will be useful for every applicant to present his skills and qualities in a good way.

Best Personal Statement Writing Guidelines:

  1. Before writing a personal statement think about your best qualities and write down this list on a separate piece of paper. Try to brainstorm such qualities and skills which can be described in several sentences. Write down every quality not to miss anything while writing the personal statement.
  2. Remember that a successful personal statement has to be interesting for reading, so try to be as original as possible and think over some unique quality or feature of your character which can be interesting for the reader. It is an advantage to connect your quality with the story or case from your real life.
  3. Check the list of your qualities and decide what skills will be useful and appropriate for the college you apply. Every college and faculty is strictly specialized, so only applicants with the appropriate qualities useful for the education are selected. For example, there is no need to apply for college specializing in economics when you are bad at maths, statistics and do not have managing skills and leadership qualities which can help you start your own business.
  4. In order to win some respect from the commission present your personal achievements, like awards, certificates, grants, honors and victories at any competitions. This will give them some information about your intelligence, ambitions and your attitude towards work. When they see, that you are a hardworking young person who wants to achieve something, you will probably be applied. But do not concentrate only on your past success, write about your present work and plans for the future to show that you are a dynamic person and want to improve your skills all the time.
  5. Include some information which can help you be different from the rest and summarize your personal statement with a catchy declaration about the role of the educational institution for the development of your personality. Write that only this college can help you develop your potential – this statement will give the impression that you know what you need to be a professional in your field.