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How to Write Article Review from a Journal

It is impossible to gain knowledge without reading scientific literature. Every college and university student is supposed to read various articles in scientific journals. Teachers ask students to read them attentively, to analyze and review them professionally. An article review is a complicated assignment, which trains a significant number of skills. A student obtains knowledge, improves his critical and analytical thinking skills and learns how to write scientific articles in future.

When you need to review an article from a journal, you can use these simple guidelines:

Article Review from Journal1. Analyze the Title and the Intended Audience.

When you read the suggested article, you should try to analyze its components in general. To begin with, pay attention to its title and author. The title can say much about the content of the entire article. Tell whether it is long or short and whether it touches upon the main problem with the text. Finally, say whether the author chose the best title. Suggest your variant. Next, say a few words about the author. Mention his academic level and his occupation. Get to know if there are other articles of this author about the same problem. In the end, say about the intended audience of this article. There are items for linguists, lawyers, physicists, engineers, students, teachers, etc. Why do you think this article is addressed to this audience?

2. Write an Outline and Introduction.

It is impossible to organize your work efficiently if you do not prepare a well-formatted overview. Insert the main sections and ideas into your draft to remember them all the time. Making it in the form of the separate theses is wise. Secondly, prepare an informative introduction. Mention the basic information about the article, say about its main idea, volume, place, and date of publication. Write about its relevance and importance to your primary discipline. Tell if the author is credible and whether he inserted facts or his personal opinions into the article. Is the article logical? Can you read it fluently? Do you understand every term? Does it cover the entire analyzed problem?

3. Prepare the Main Body.

Every article review should contain a thesis statement. The role of a thesis statement is performed by the author’s quotation or sentence, which reflects the main idea of the article. You ought to say whether the author has managed to deliver his message to the audience and whether his thoughts are credible and useful. The main body of your review should consist of the arguments and counterarguments, which support or reject the credibility of the author’s ideas. Analyze the sources of his thoughts. Say whether the author relied on the reliable sources. How many sources did he use? What is his main point of view? Whom was he inspired by?

4. Analyze the Author’s Style.

Every scholar has his style of writing. When you examine an article, you ought to pay attention to such details. Say whether you enjoy his manner of writing. Did he write his text persuasively? Could he add something? Did he develop the problem professionally? Did he use long or short sentences? Is the article easy or difficult for reading?

5. Conclude the Review.

In the last paragraph of your review say, whether you enjoy the article. Write whether you have learned something new. Compare this article to other texts found in the journal. Do you think this article can be helpful for educational purposes?