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How to Write an Abstract for a Capstone Project

When a student wants to finish his graduate school successfully, he will need to prepare a capstone project. This complicated assignment summarizes the student’s knowledge and achievements, which he has obtained at his educational institution. Every capstone project paper has its own complicated structure. These guidelines will help you cope with a successful abstract for a capstone project.

We offer some basic writing tips:

  • Step One: Mind the Length of Your Abstract. An average abstract for a well-structured capstone project should contain no more than 400 words. Many students manage to insert their thoughts into 250 words. Doubtless, this section should inform the reader about the main elements of your project. Therefore, you should not write odd facts and unnecessary descriptions, which occupy much space of your abstract. If you write a long abstract, you will confuse the reader who will lose the main idea of your research. You ought to be precise and informative in order to provide your reader with the essential information about your project.
  • Step Two: Focus on the Main Problem of Your Project. Every project has its core. You ought to pay attention to the main problem of your research if you want to make the reader interested in your paper. It is smart to write the aim of writing and the major problem of your investigation at the very beginning the abstract. Write your problem precisely and accurately. The reader should understand the scope of your research and the subject of your investigation at once. Naturally, you must not use vague expressions and statements when you prepare your abstract for a capstone project.
  • Step Three: Overview Your Capstone Project. The main duty of an abstract is to inform the reader about the main idea of your research. Bear in mind that many scholars and students will apply your capstone project for their own research. When one wants to take advantage of the definite source, he looks it through in order to get to know about its content. Consequently, you should summarize your entire project and write down all essential elements of your paper. You will have to write about the problem and its peculiarities. Then, pay attention to the methods and techniques of your research. Finally, you will have to share the results of your analysis with the reader.
  • Step Four: Write about the Usefulness of Your Project. When you have prepared your abstract, you should explain the relevance and importance of your capstone project for your major discipline. Say how your project contributes into the development of your field of study and how it solves the existing problems. Finally, write about the weak sides and holes of your research.

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