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How to Write a Thesis Statement on Culture

A thesis statement is a short section of every essay and research paper, which informs the reader about the aim of your investigation. You are able to take advantage of these guidelines if you want to compose a successful and well-structured thesis statement for your academic paper on culture.

  • Step One: Think about the Size. Every thesis statement should be brief and precise. An average size of this section is two sentences. You must not write a long thesis statement, because you will confuse the reader. It is wiser to concentrate on the core problems of your assignment in order to make it clear to an average reader.
  • Step Two: Try to Be Clear. Remember that the main function of your thesis statement is to answer the research question of your paper on culture. When you have created two or three research questions, you will have to provide the reader with the definite and precise answers. For example, if you ask: “Why did the Mayan Empire collapse?” – you should say: “I will try to find the reason of the collapse of the Mayan civilization. A successful thesis statement answers your questions and covers the issues mentioned in your text. If you write about the issue on culture, you will have to emphasize the importance and relevance of this issue. Write the reason of your research and say how you will analyze your cultural topic.
  • Step Three: Think about Arguments. When you state your opinion about your issue, you will have to demonstrate your interest to the reader. When you write about the culture of Native Americans, you must not simply write that you appreciate their traditions and culture. You ought to provide the reader with several arguments. For example, you should say that you appreciate this culture, because it improves our knowledge about different people and helps us promote cultural diversity in our society.
  • Step Four: Be Original! You must not write trivial and formula statements in this section. No one is interested in banal things. Try to brainstorm original sentences and brand new approach towards the research of your topic. You should attract the reader’s attention to your cultural issue. It is impossible to make someone interested in the culture of ancient Rome if you write vague and generic statements about it. For example, you should say that you want to research this topic, because Romans invented sewerage and created the first high-quality roads.
  • Step Five: Avoid Vague Expressions. It is not reasonable to use such expressions as “advantages and disadvantages” without any arguments. Finally, do not use descriptive adjectives, like “interesting” or “important”. You ought to be understandable and precise.

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