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How to Write a Thesis Proposal Paper

Thesis proposal writing is a very important step for every student who wants to build a successful academic career. A thesis paper is a profound research of a certain problem and sometimes it takes a year to complete it. When a student wants to start writing a thesis paper, he will be required to prepare a good thesis proposal at first to convince the committee in the importance of the selected topic and it possible success and value. It is obvious that a thesis proposal is a serious document which should possess a strict structure and logical presentation of ideas. Below we offer high-quality thesis proposal writing tips, which will make the process of writing easier.

  1. Describe the Basis of the Thesis: Every paper should start from a good introduction, which informs the reader about the kind of the paper, its topic, way of research and its importance. So, first of all a student should present the problem of the paper, explain his choice, dwell on its advantages and disadvantages, persuade in its importance and finally prove that the expected results will be valuable for the discipline or at least bring something new into the topic under research.
  2. Present the Hypothesis: Every serious paper has a certain aim. There is no need to write just for writing something, because one will need to brainstorm new ideas, if he wants his thesis to be accepted. So, a student will need to share his hypothesis with the reader and explain what he expects to achieve. The predictions should be based on certain investigations conducted before. For example, one can study the topic and find data prepared by various scholars who devoted much time for the research of this very topic. A student can try to prove that he does not agree to some positions of the existing works and wants to prepare his own vision of the problem.
  3. Present the Purpose of the Research: In this section a student is supposed to write why he has decided to research the topic and what solutions he wants to find. A student can claim that the results of the research will make a great contribution into the discipline and he should prove it with the reliable evidence.
  4. Complete a Literature and Methodology Section: A thesis paper can not be written without reliable literary sources, so one will need to provide the list of the sources which are supposed to be of high-quality. After that one should concentrate his attention to the methodology of the paper. Here all the methods and ways of research should be mentioned, as it is the most important part of the thesis. In the end it is important to summarize the paper and devote some words about the value of this very research.

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