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How to Write a Case Study using APA Style

According to the general standards of APA format, a case study is an assignment, which is supposed to contain the description and solution of the definite problem. A case study is focused on a narrow issue. You will have to analyze a person, a company or an event.

Of course, you will need to format your case study according to the norms of APA style:

Format the Page Correctly

It is of vital importance to format the page of your document according to the strict standards of APA style. Firstly, you ought to make sure that you have 1-inch margins on all sides of the page.

Moreover, you should select a readable font for writing.

Times New Roman is considered to be the most appropriate one. Finally, the size of your font should be equal to 10 or 12 points, though the scale of a font often depends on a teacher. When you organize your title page, you should limit its length to 50 characters. Furthermore, every word in a title should be capitalized. Every page of your case study should contain the running head. You have to write the title of your paper on the left upper side of the page and the page number on the right side.

Design the Right Structure

Naturally, every case study has its definite structure. Most often, a case study consists of three major parts: method, results, and discussion. When you start writing your case study, you should organize the title page. Then, you should complete a good abstract. This section consists of 200 words. You are expected to summarize the case and present your problem to the reader. Also, you can be asked to insert several keywords below the abstract. When you organize the chapter devoted to your methods, you should illustrate the case from all sides and enumerate all methods. You should clarify the choice of your methods to make your paper understandable. Next, identify the results and discuss the entire case study logically.

Mind the Norms of APA Style

When you write a case study in APA format, you ought to understand that you need to choose the right vocabulary and manner of writing. Try to be precise and consistent not to overload your text with unnecessary details. Finally, think about confidentiality. Every case study is based on the actual people and organizations. When you research a case, you reveal the secrets of the certain personality.

Therefore, you should change her name to avoid awkward situations in future. Finally, you should learn to cite every source according to this format. Write the author’s last name, the year of publication and the page number of the source you use for writing.