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How to Make Your Research Paper Longer

The biggest problem of every student is to make a long research paper. Everyone can prepare three or five pages of a scientific text, but very few students can cope with a long assignment, which covers more than 25 pages. You will be able to make your research paper longer if you follow our simple writing instructions.

  • Step One: Compose a Long Introduction. You can add much space if you plan your research paper correctly. It is smart to divide your assignment into three major parts: introduction, the main body and conclusion. Try to devote the entire page to your introduction. Of course, it is not easy to make such a long introductory section. Write about the main idea of your investigation and emphasize its relevance. Invent a catchy thesis statement in order to clarify the purpose of your research. You can add a few thought-provoking rhetorical questions, which can attract he reader’s attention to your research. Then, focus on the presentation of the aim and purpose of your investigation. Every research paper has its original sides. Say about the brand new approach towards the problem, which will demonstrate your bright mind and creativity. Finally, write about the methods of your research and predict the difficulties, which can occur during the process of your analysis.
  • Step Two: Focus on the Creation of the Main Body. The main part of an average research paper consists of several subsections. Students have to compose such chapters as methodology, discussion, findings, etc. If you want to prepare a long research paper, you ought to broaden these sections intensively. To begin with, write about the methods, which you have used for your research. Describe them in detail and emphasize their usefulness for the analysis of your topic. In addition, you can write about the weak sides of your methods in order to show that you understand your imperfection. When you discuss the problem, you ought to pay attention to the slightest element of your research. If you describe your findings, you should explain them effectively. Support your words with the proper arguments and examples.
  • Step Three: Use Many Sources. When you analyze a complex topic, you ought to observe it from all sides. Use as many sources as possible to make your text longer. Go to the library and find at least ten authors who paid attention to your subject. You can borrow their ideas and insert their quotation. This decision is perfect, because quotations occupy space and make your assignment longer. Finally, you can compare the different points of view of several authors. When two or three authors share the same opinion, you are able to distribute them into several categories.
  • Step Four: Complete a Good Conclusion. It is important to prepare a long conclusion in order to make your research paper longer. A successful conclusion should summarize your research paper efficiently. You can mention your findings and evaluate your research more or less objectively. Moreover, you can pay attention to the weak sides of your paper. It will help other students and scholars improve your research if they decide to observe your topic deeper. Finally, you are able to point at the strong sides of your paper and say how your achievements influence the solution of the problem under research. In the end, you can add appendices in order to make your paper even longer. Add various tables and graphs, which illustrate your investigation in detail. This kind of information will clarify your research and improve its quality.

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