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How to Make a Proper Annotated Bibliography

When the student has to develop a successful big-in-volume research paper or a dissertation, he will be asked to insert annotated bibliography section there. Many students fail this assignment, because they just do not know how to do an annotated bibliography appropriately, so below there are useful annotated bibliography writing tips which can be at hand for everyone.

  1. Before writing the annotated bibliography one is expected to organize the process of writing and prepare a detailed outline for the paper. It is reasonable to plan the description of every source in the right way, so one should do an algorithm according to which every source will be characterized.
  2. When the student conducts the research, he should already start looking for the right sources which would be helpful during the analysis. Naturally, the young person will need to group the books and periodicals according to the category of similarity – the one pile of sources for the one topic and the other one – for the other. This will help the student compare the sources belonging to the same issue and keep them together.
  3. When the outline is written and the books are collected, the student is able to start writing the bibliography characterizing every source in detail. The student’s job is to prepare a brief annotation to every source presenting the general information about the content, the problems and matters observed there and the strong and weak sides of the book. The student must not criticize the sources, because he is not a professional, so that it is possible to write only the facts which are said about the source by the famous scholars.
  4. In order to impress the professor with the quality piece of writing, one should organize an annotated bibliography according to the requirements of the format suggested by the teacher. Moreover, the sources have to be cited also according to the demands and norms of the format of the main paper. Moreover, when one uses the quotes about the sources by other authors, he will need to cite their words scrupulously in order not to be accused of plagiarism.
  5. All in all an annotated bibliography is a great set of books and scientific journals which are used for the research of the definite issue and the student should mention the value of every source in the process of investigation. Obviously, one will need to state why he has chosen this very source; who has recommended this source for observation and how this source will help one to reveal the problem from all sides. The student should be as objective as possible relying on the impression and the real experts in the chosen discipline and topic.

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