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How to Make a Good Hook for Persuasive Speech

Every student and a mature person should know how to write a persuasive speech, because this knowledge is important in education, business, politics, etc. When you prepare a persuasive speech, you can influence the audience and convince them of your point of view. Naturally, an inexperienced student is not able to make a successful persuasive speech correctly. He should know about the basic requirements and rules of writing. Finally, it is important to know how to hook your audience.

Below you will find several simple instructions, which will help you cope with this task.Good Hook for Persuasive Speech

Evaluate Your Audience.

The main primary factor, which can influence the quality of your speech, is the type of your audience. When you perform in front of your classmates, you should apply the proper techniques, which will help you attract their attention to your speech. Moreover, the content of your speech should be interesting and close to them. They should know at least something about the problem you are talking about. When you reproduce your speech in front of your teachers or colleagues, you should choose another type of expression. You should prepare a formal text and express it in the proper confident and convincing manner. Young people do not tolerate such speeches; therefore, you should insert jokes and funny situations, which can keep them focused on your text.

Identify the Purpose of the Speech.

If you want to inform the audience about the special topic and persuade them in your opinion, you should invent a few tricks. It is important to observe the problem from different sides. You can build your speech with the help of arguments and counterarguments. You ask thought-provoking and controversial questions and answer them at once. You use an argument and then use a more persuasive counterargument, which changes the point of view of your listeners. This approach is advantageous if persuasion is the primary goal of your speech. A persuasive speech is useful when every listener feels enlightened and impressed. If you just express your personal opinion about the problem, it will not work. A human being opposes to new facts, inventions and alternative thoughts. Therefore, you ought to compare, discuss and play on contrasts.

Rely on Your Personal Experience.

Frankly speaking, people do not want to listen about ideal and fictitious situations. If you want to prepare a successful and productive speech, you should use your own experience. Speak about your real-life situation closely connected with the problem of your statement. It is reasonable to say something about your childhood, relatives, and friends related to the problem. When you discuss the issue of deforestation, you should write that you plant trees yourself. When you speak about business, say that you used to help your uncle manage your family business. In this case, your words will sound sincere, and the audience will believe you. Your competence increases and the quality of your speech improves.

Grab Your Listeners’ Attention Correctly.

There are different ways, which can help you attract your audiences’ attention. You can insert a humorous anecdote closely connected with the content of your speech. Very often, it is easier to explain something with the help of humor than a formal presentation. Then, you can introduce startling facts, which can astonish a listener. Finally, you can use an inspirational and fruitful quotation of a famous personality. These quotes can also demonstrate your literacy and intelligence. They show that you read a lot and select facts wisely.