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How to Do a Literature Review for a Research Project

When one writes a research project, he will definitely need to use additional sources that will contribute to his research. Most often, students use more then ten sources in order to complete a successful and worthy paper. Of course, they need to review these sources in brief in order to provide readers with the general idea about the quality and relevance of these books and periodicals.

You are able to compose a good literature review for your research project with the assistance of our logical instructions.

Read step-by-step tips now:

  1. Choose the Right Sources: If you analyze the definite topic, you should choose appropriate sources that will be useful for the detailed research. Sometimes students have to look through dozens of books, periodicals, encyclopedias and online articles before they manage to find something worthy. You should remember that if you want to find the right relevant sources, you ought to understand what your topic is about and what you want to achieve.
  2. Summarize Your Sources: It is natural that if you want to review your sources effectively, you should look them through and learn about their content, authors, key points and their informative value. One should summarize every source briefly in order to provide readers with the general information about them, because other students and scholars, who want to research your topic, will be able to use these sources for their own analysis.
  3. Write an Introduction: The first page of your literature review should contain a good introduction. This section is a brief one and introduces your sources to readers. Moreover, you should construct an effective thesis statement that will clarify what subject, problems and theory you observe.
  4. Divide Your Sources into Categories: Now it is time to prepare the main body of your literature review. You will need to divide your sources into categories in order to make your review look and sound logically. It is possible to unite sources according to the certain similar elements, problems, theories, etc. If authors present similar ideas and solutions, you are able to insert them into the same category. If their opinions are different, insert it to another pile. You should explain how your sources vary and what similarities they have. You can invent an algorithm according to which your sources are differentiated.
  5. Evaluate Your Sources Objectively: The main idea of literature review writing is to define how your sources can contribute to your field of study and how they influence the quality of your research project. You have to be objective and precise and mention all strong and weak sides of every book and scientific journal.

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