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How to Choose a Good Research Paper Topic

Very often the quality of a research paper depends greatly on the chosen topic, because you will not be able to complete a successful research paper if the topic is not interesting for you or there are not enough literary sources, which enable you to study it deeply. Besides, the work will be much more productive, if the topic is close to you or interests you to such an extend that you want to deepen your knowledge in this problem, question or event and to make a considerable contribution into the discipline. Unfortunately, most students fail to choose appropriate topics for their research papers, so there are brief tips which will be useful pieces of advice for everybody to select a good research paper topic and as a result complete a good paper.

  1. First of all concentrate on the topics, events, problems of the discipline you are interested in. You know you abilities and preferences and your own circle of interests. Surely there are at least several topics which have been close to you and you wanted to study them better and broaden your outlook. For example, if you have to conduct a research on literature and you enjoy the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, profound investigation will present hundreds of interesting facts about them, their style of writing, content, historical events, which have influenced on their writing. Who knows, may be you can find out that their tales are not completely for children but for grown-up audience because of their background and illustrated problems.
  2. When you have chosen a topic, try to find as much materials about it as possible to make sure you can research it properly. Very often research papers are failed because of the lack of data about the problem under investigation. You will be lucky if you manage to reveal something new concerning the topic and make a valuable contribution into the subject. It is quite possible if the scholars missed this problem in the past or had not paid enough attention to it, so that you have a chance to show yourself as an investigator.
  3. Think about the time limits given for the research and think whether it is possible to conduct deep research and use many literary sources. If not, plan your time wisely and choose only the most reliable general sources which will help you complete your research at least on the medium level. Of course, if you have much time, your abilities are limitless and you can prepare the best research paper using all available data.
  4. Researching the topic, do not limit yourself, but study it from all sides. It is possible, you will discover something new, even shocking and controversial. Do not worry, very often the aim of a research paper is not an expected result but the process of investigation itself, which is always unpredictable.

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