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History of Sport Essay

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human and animal movement by use of scientific structures such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, neurology, and biomechanics. It is mostly applied in life through sports, exercise industry, and is critical in developing a career in Olympics. A course in kinesiology is meant to equip one with knowledge necessary in understanding human movement and this prepares graduates for advancing courses such as medicine.

Kinesiology in sports helps professionals to advance in their profession. Materials have been written on the history of kinesiology but not all articles give a broad view of the subject. The history of kinesiology dates back to 1964 when one scientist used the model of muscle testing. In an excerpt written by Dr. Charles T. Krebs and Jenny Brown entitled, they focus on a discussion about what kinesiology is its origin and applications. The article explains that muscle understanding is related to organ balance and that for better movement, the state of balance must exist. This is critical in understanding kinesiology according to the writer, (Krebs and Brown, pp 1-50). To my understanding, kinesiology mostly involves muscles and the organs that are responsible for energy production that is required for body movement. Not all organs are necessary for movement.

One major topic that should be included in kinesiology understanding is practice. Evidence has shown that kinesiology is a state that can be improved with practice. For example, when a child is born, it is required that they are taken for practice to help in development of their muscles. Even those who are professionals in Olympics have to go through a lot of practice to develop their career. This is also controlled by the mind, as it is the central control of the whole body. is one of professional writing services on the market. Contact it if you need a custom written paper online.