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Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation Abstract

Every student knows that an abstract is a very important part of his dissertation. On the one hand, this section is very brief; however, very few students manage to prepare it correctly. When one has troubles with dissertation abstract writing, he is able to improve his skills with the help of our original writing tips.

They are:

  • Step One: Plan Your Actions. It is impossible to make a successful abstract if you do not know about its basic requirements. An abstract for a dissertation paper is a very short section that summarizes your research. A good abstract demonstrates the main idea and the relevance of your investigation. When your professor reads an abstract, he should understand the highlight of your research. It is important to inform readers about the main problem of your dissertation in a few words. This chapter helps professors and scholars save their time. When one reads a good abstract, he understands the main idea of your academic paper, its topic, findings, etc. He does not need to waste time on reading the entire dissertation. Consequently, you ought to learn how to condense your thoughts and write long complicated ideas in the simplest words.
  • Step Two: Remember about the Size. It is difficult to write a complicated academic paper, but it is far more difficult to write a short paragraph with the deepest meaning. No wonder, an abstract is a headache for every inexperienced student. An average abstract should cover no more than 400 words. When one writes an abstract for his Master’s dissertation, he should prepare at least 150 words. PhD dissertations embrace approximately 350-400 words. The structure of your abstract should be clear and logical. It is smart to write a sentence about every chapter of your academic paper. When you have six sections, you will have to write six sentences describing them in general.
  • Step Three: Present Your Research Questions. Every academic paper is based on research questions. A common dissertation should contain approximately three questions. An abstract should contain these research questions too. When readers see your questions from the very beginning, they will be able to understand the content and informative value of your investigation. It is important to insert your questions in the first part of your abstract. It is unwise to invent more than three questions, because it confuses readers and complicates your research.
  • Step Four: Demonstrate Your Results. You ought to remember that the main idea of a dissertation abstract is to demonstrate your findings. When you set research questions and conduct your research, you expect to achieve the definite results. Therefore, you need to show the results of your analysis in your dissertation abstract. It will help scholars, teachers and students understand and evaluate your achievements. When they see that your paper has the definite positive results, they will use your investigation as the basis for their own research in future.

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