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Good Hook for Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. This tragedy is supposed to be one of his most well-known works. Every intelligent person in the world knows about the plot of Romeo and Juliet, because this book is read at school. Naturally, students are asked to write essays about Romeo and Juliet in order to demonstrate their understanding of this tragedy. Obviously, it is difficult to compose a successful essay, which will impress the reader; therefore, you can use these instructions, which can make your work easier.

  • Step One: Write a Good Introduction. Introduction is a very important section of your essay. When you want to attract the reader’s attention to your analysis, you ought to complete a persuasive and informative introduction, which focuses on the main idea of Romeo and Juliet. You ought to write why you have chosen to read this book. Moreover, it is wise to say a few words about William Shakespeare and his achievements. Compare this tragedy to his other works. Define the place of Romeo and Juliet in his career of a playwright. Say about the date of publication and the first night of this tragedy. Finally, you can write about the impressions of the audience and the most influential critics.
  • Step Two: Prepare a Short Summary of the Tragedy. You should help the reader refresh the plot of Romeo and Juliet, its main characters and its main idea. Bear in mind that you must not write a long summary of the book. You should try to devote only one paragraph to this part. Moreover, it is not wise to write about any unnecessary details, which do not influence the general understanding of the text. When you write about the main idea, you are able to turn on your imagination and brainstorm everything, which can be associated with the true love, friendship, hatred, greediness, cunning, reconciliation, etc. Remember that an essay is a subjective piece of writing; therefore, you are expected to present your own point of view about the problems and themes, which can be found in the text.
  • Step Three: Analyze the Main Characters and Define Their Value for the Plot Development. When you analyze the main characters, you should support your point of view about them with the citations from the tragedy. William Shakespeare wrote effective descriptions of his characters. You can take advantage of his words and analyze Romeo and Juliet relying on his words.
  • Step Four: Analyze Social Problems of the Text. This part is the most interesting, because you need to analyze every problem, which can be found in the text. Observe the problem of family issues and say about the reason of the conflict between Romeo and Juliet’s families. Why did they hate one another? How did they decide to reconcile in the end? Was their conflict important? You can also write about the problem of the forbidden love. Why did Romeo and Juliet love each other? Is origin important in the context of love? You can invent your alternative ending of this sad story. How could Romeo and Juliet unite their families? Could they just escape from the town? You are able to observe the role of tradition and culture. Obviously, the families hated one another, because of the issues, which had occurred before. Nevertheless, they remembered about these issues and continued the ‘tradition’ of their hate. Finally, describe the society of that time on the examples of the definite characters who were the brightest representatives of aristocracy, burgesses, clergy, etc.

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