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Good Hook for Macbeth Essay

Macbeth is one of the most famous tragedies of William Shakespeare. Doubtless, nearly every high school student is asked to prepare an essay about this book. However, college students are expected to complete informative and well-analyzed essays, because they have to demonstrate their professionalism and critical thinking skill on practice.

If you do not know how to construct an interesting essay on Macbeth, you can take advantage of these instructions:

  • Step One: Choose the Right Approach towards Writing. The quality of your essay depends on the topic. You cannot write about Macbeth in general. It is important to create the definite motive and problem, which will be related with the text. It is possible to generate many topics about Macbeth. The most obvious one is the value and importance of fate for the human life. You can depict the main character as a tragic hero who suffers from the will of fortune. Secondly, you can write about the role of gender and the influence of Lady Macbeth on the actions of her husband. These two motives can be very useful for the development of your college essay. Of course, you are able to brainstorm other subtopics, because every work of William Shakespeare is full of numerous hidden thoughts and problems.
  • Step Two: Prepare a Good Introduction and Thesis Statement. about the tragedy and its place in English literature. Say why you have chosen to analyze Macbeth. Then, brainstorm a good thesis statement, which will play the role of the core of your essay. You can choose a quotation from the tragedy or any other words, which can emphasize the importance and the relevance of your topic.
  • Step Three: Prove that Macbeth is a Tragic Hero. It is important to prove that the main character is a tragic hero. You can build this first part of your essay saying about the influence of fate on the human life. Write about the Witches and define their role in the book. It is possible to say that the Witches represent the inevitability of the human fate. Here, you can write about the Wheel of Fortune. Every human being has her own fate; therefore, it is probably impossible to change one’s life, because everything has already been planned by the higher powers. Even though Macbeth managed to become a king, he could not avoid his death predicted by the Witches. Macbeth is also a tragic character, because he has ruined his life under the influence of his wife. He started the chain of the irreversible crimes and received numerous dangerous enemies.
  • Step Four: Analyze the Main Characters of the Tragedy. You ought to analyze the major characters of Macbeth. Pay attention to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, the Witches, Macduff, Malcolm, etc. Describe these characters and define their role in the tragedy. You can write about the Fall of Man connecting Macbeth to the tradition of Christianity. Some critics compare Macbeth with Adam. In her turn, Lady Macbeth is associated with the devil. She persuaded her husband to commit a crime and it changed his life once for all. She controls her husband and dictates his actions being dominant in their marriage.
  • Step Five: Pay Attention to the Descriptions of Nature. It is interesting to observe the main characters through the context of descriptions of the natural environment presented by William Shakespeare. This motive is very popular in literature and we can observe the same things in Macbeth. It is possible to find close connections between death and earthquakes and gloomy weather.
  • Step Six: Write about Family Relations in Macbeth. In this context, you can write about Macbeth’s family and his place in this family. You can emphasize the role of Lady Macbeth there. Finally, you can write about the revenge of Malcolm for the death of his father.

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