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Good Hook for Lord of the Flies Essay

Lord of the Flies is a famous novel written by William Golding. This novel is supposed to be one of the best books of the 20th century. No wonder, every student should read this book at school in order to be a broadminded person. Students are often asked to prepare essays about famous books. Lord of the Flies is a good option if you want to impress your teacher. Doubtless, you ought to make the reader interested in your essay. You are able to look through these guidelines, which will help you create a good hook for your Lord of the Flies essay.

  • Step One: Write about the Author. If you want to impress the reader, you should organize your essay effectively. You should define the genre of Lord of the Flies, the year of its publication and its author. Say a few words about William Golding. Do not forget to emphasize that he won Nobel Prize and that this book occupies the leading places in the rates of the best novels of the 20th century. It is smart to advertise this novel in order to show that you prefer reading the best and the worthiest books. Mention other texts of William Golding and say whether they can compete with Lord of the Flies.
  • Step Two: Present the Plot of Novel. It is smart to write a brief summary of Lord of the Flies in order to remind the reader about the plot and the main idea of the novel. Of course, you must not write a long summary. You should manage to insert the entire information into one paragraph. Furthermore, if you write about the slightest details and characters, the reader will not interested to read the book himself.
  • Step Three: Start your Essay with a Captive Quotation. When you want to attract the reader’s attention, you should start your essay with a catchy quotation from the novel. I should say that Piggy and Ralph often said wise phrases, which can be interesting to everyone. Moreover, you can write a paragraph, which describes the definite situation from Lord of the Flies. This short episode can make a good start to your paper.
  • Step Four: Analyze the Main Problems of Novel. It is impossible to prepare a successful essay if you do not pay attention to the main themes and problems of Lord of the Flies. You can hook your reader analyzing every problem in the most sophisticated and original way. Moreover, you can find a few hidden motives and problems, which have never been researched before. You can ask a few thought-provoking questions, which make the reader treat your analysis seriously.
  • Step Five: Mention about the Symbols Used in Lord of the Flies. Lord of the Flies is one of the best examples of symbolistic literature. You should analyze every main character in detail in order to demonstrate your knowledge about the symbols, which can be found in the book. For example, Ralph symbolizes the values of civilization. Piggy is a symbol of intelligence, science and sober mind. If you decide to analyze the novel deeper and read a few articles about it, you will find much more symbols, which will impress the reader.
  • Step Six: Compare the Main Characters. When you read Lord of the Flies, you understand that the entire story is built with the help of contrasts. You can compare Ralph and Jack, civilization and fierce wild nature. Finally, you can say a few words about various adaptations of this book and its value to the modern culture.

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