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Good Hook for Euthanasia Essay

Euthanasia is a very delicate topic for essay writing. On the one hand, euthanasia is a negative action, because a suicide is not a way out. On the other hand, assisted suicide is the only option for the patient who suffers from enormous pain. As you see, euthanasia is a good topic for argumentative and persuasive essay writing. If you want to prepare a successful essay about euthanasia, you can take advantage of the guidelines below:

  • Step One: Write a Shocking Introductory Story. It is wise to make an interesting introduction for your euthanasia essay with a good hook. The best solution is to write a brief and thought-provoking story from the real life. You can write a short story about a person who struggles against a serious incurable disease. You ought to write about pain and suffering of this patient in order to help the reader understand the entire difficulty of his life. You can finish the story with the patient’s decision to hasten his own death. Try to depict this decision as a relief.
  • Step Two: Observe the Problem of Euthanasia from All Sides. It is important to understand the proper definition of euthanasia if you want to complete an informative essay about this issue. Many people misunderstand this action. They see only negative sides of euthanasia and they cannot think about its advantages. Naturally, when you touch upon this issue from the point of view of religion, you will not find any pluses. Every religion is based on the importance of life. Therefore, religion struggles against assisted suicide. Your task is to find all possible advantages of euthanasia, which can persuade all opponents of this “killing”.
  • Step Three: Pay Attention about Incurable Painful Diseases. Doubtless, euthanasia is the best decision for those patients who cannot be cured. Moreover, their life is complicated because of torturing pain. You are able to enumerate a few diseases that cause serious pain. Persuade the reader with the help of the reliable arguments. Collect information about the symptoms, treatment and incurable cases. Say that the best painkillers cannot reduce the patient’s suffering. Bear in mind, that trustworthy information is the best method of persuasion.
  • Step Four: Euthanasia is a Choice. Many people think that euthanasia is an imposed decision. Of course, it is false. It is a personal and sensible decision of every patient. If one suffers from an incurable disease and cannot bear his torturing pain, he has the right to choose the assisted suicide. It does not worth mentioning that treatment costs a lot. The patient does not want to be a burden for his family, because he knows that he will not be cured anyway. Therefore, this person has the right to apply for euthanasia.
  • Step Five: Summarize Your Ideas. When you are through with the analysis of euthanasia, share your personal idea about this issue.

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