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Good Hook for Essay about Love

Love is a simple and difficult topic at the same time. On the one hand, everyone knows what love is. On the other hand, it is hard to find the best definition to this term. When students need to prepare an essay about love, they are at a loss whereas they do not know what to write. This topic is quite broad and vague. It is notable to focus on several categories and subtopics that can help students reveal the topic on love from all sides. Thus, young people need a good hook to organize their love essay skillfully.

Below you can find a few writing tips that can hook the reader and grab his attention to your essay:

  • Step One: Find a Good Quotation about Love. It is easy to find a quotation of a famous author who said something reasonable and captive about love. Nearly every writer and philosopher devoted several works to this eternal feeling. Thus, it is smart to start your essay with an accurate quotation borrowed from such well-known personalities as William Shakespeare or Francesco Petrarch. Furthermore, you can write about different types of love using different quotations of the men of thought. In simple words, you should attract attention of the reader with the help of absorbing and fascinating words about love. The reader should start thinking about the depth and controversy of this feeling. He should think that your essay would answer numerous questions about love and its forms.
  • Step Two: Observe the Problem of Love and Its Forms in Literature. One can say that there are two primary kinds of love. One can distinguish romantic and physical or sexual love. It is reasonable to analyze these issues from the side of literature. You can focus on Willian Shakespeare again and learn something about love from his sonnets, tragedies and plays. He treated love as the most powerful force on the planet that can defeat everything, even time. Moreover, love is the strongest feeling that can bring life and take it away. When you pay attention to Romeo and Juliet, you will find the example of the tragic and unhappy love between the representatives of the combating families who hated one another. However, both young people fell in love with each other and proved that love does not have limits. It does not obey rules and laws. It is not controlled by mind. Shakespeare compared sexual and romantic love in As You Like It. He tried to find the answer to the question about the most sincere kind of love. Therefore, you can continue your essay about love analyzing some works of the authors who wrote something specific and engrossing about this feeling. Specify such forms of love as the love to parents, friends or motherland.
  • Step Three: Point out at the Importance of Love. It is time to prove that love is a paramount thing in the world. You can observe this idea from the side of biology, psychology and ethics. Everybody knows that love brings life; therefore, human beings will not exist in such quantities without love. What is more, it is impossible to raise children without love. When you want to bring up a kind and intelligent child, you ought to love it and share your love with it. Love is the feeling that makes our society better. When people live in the environment of love and respect, there will be no wars and other military conflicts. People will live in peace and security. Thus, it is vital to propagate moral values, ethical norms of life and of course love. When one loves, he is kinder and more sympathetic. He will think twice before hurting and killing someone.
  • Step Four: Write about the Crisis of Love. Many psychologists and philosophers say that modern people are too materialistic and they do not love anymore. They buy expensive items and pay for sex and they do not require love. Of course, this statement is debatable inasmuch as everyone wants to be loved and respected. On the other hand, the statement is right whereas it is hard to find pure love nowadays. You are able to observe this point in your essay writing engaging the reader into the analysis of the problem of love in this context.