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Free Research Proposal Sample

In this research proposal a chronological development of topics and ideas has been done. An introduction has been made about the expatriates as an external advisory team and the associate management and structure of police in Abu Dhabi. The statement of the problem consists of the needs to be addressed. This also requires some elaboration on existing variables and relationships. The background of the problem elaborates the magnitude and aims of research. The background introduces similar research conducted in the past, previous methods used, and results reaped in previous research. The methodology of the proposal is extensive and explains in details how the proposed research will be carried out on the kind of data which need to be collected, methods to be used in data collection and the justification. Expected results and discussion part have been developed and proper alternatives of the outcomes outlined.

Background information
Abu Dhabi is a country in the United Arab Emirates. Expatriates are the country nationals sent by the mother company to work temporarily in different country. In the Emirates, a variable number of expatriate advisors have been involved in provision of services and knowledge in different areas. Some of the roles played by these expatriates include strategic advice on main organization, mentoring the youth and the targeted professionals, tactical operations, managements of the assets and military advisory.

This research entails the group of expatriate advisors who mainly specialize in security advisory element. In this way, some influence on the decision-making amongst the police and other related bodies of Abu Dhabi is experienced. Value addition to the security pillar and monetary assistance could be an added advantage. Cultural and moral support through the interaction of the police officers and the expatriates is also of great importance.

The research proposal also encompasses on the military and business groups and the kind of influence reaped from the interactions with foreign expatriates. The main target is the Abu Dhabi police, who have shown a lot of stability and improvement thus emerging to be one of the best security and peace provision organization in the world. The results and further proposals will help in future improvements of the sector.

This police body represents the ministry of interior and works in close relations with the local people, national bodies, and other international agencies for proper management and streamline of duties. His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is the states prime minister and the interior minister leads the force. In the Abu Dhabi police force, public service is mandatory in efficiency and adoption of latest security methods.

Statement of the problem
Security in United Arab Emirates is a major issue due to the availability of rich mineral and oil points. In Abu Dhabi, there is a noticeable development towards the security sector. This research majors on the role of the most influential people behind the stability of security sector in the case study of Abu Dhabi police station. The role of the decision making part and the influence by international expatriates has become a major issue of question.

Research Questions
How do the expatriate advisors influence security-related decision making in Abu Dhabi police is the major research question in this research proposal. This can be subdivided into several sub questions which when answered will fulfill the main objectives of the research proposal. These minor research questions are:

  • Which information and relationship perception and model are experienced from the influence of the police officers by the expatriate advisors?
  • Which are the expected benefits, limitations, or costs of the expatriate advisors information?
  • How is the relationship and exchange of information between the police and expatriate advisors affected by organizational, cultural, and other factors in the Abu Dhabi community?
  • How would the expatriate advisors provide proper monetary value to elevate the efficiency, achievements, and practices of Abu Dhabi’s police?

Research objectives
Main objective
To find out how the expatriate advisors influence security related decision making in Abu Dhabi police.

Specific objectives
To review the literature on Abu Dhabi police from information of the expatriate advisors.
To interview a sample police officers and military leadership on how the relationship and exchange of information between the police and expatriate advisors is affected by organizational, cultural, and other factors in the Abu Dhabi community.

To establish the way expatriate advisors would provide proper monetary value to elevate the efficiency, achievements, and practices of Abu Dhabi’s police and expected limitations.

To conclude and recommend on the future of Abu Dhabi police in the future of expatriates advisors.

This research proposal is based on the null hypothesis that the Abu Dhabi police expatriates have a negative impact on the decisions made by the officers in the line of duty.

Literature Review
This section of the proposal looks at the relevant literature and tries to link the work of different authors to the objectives of the proposed research proposal. The section is important as from the knowledge of these scholars we get a detailed insight to what is expected in the research proposal.

Abu Dhabi police department is at the center of the seven integrated states of the Arab kingdom rich in oil and minerals.

Characteristics of expatriate advisors that provide advice to security organs
Kelly fisher and Kate Hutchings (2013) give an insight into the character of the expatriates that is most effective in influencing their subject. They argue that expatriates who strive to learn the culture of the native people and understand it get better results compared to expatriates that show no interest in the culture of the local community (Hutchings, 2013). The expatriates are expected to be above their peers in character and display a high level of professionalism in their line of duty. This is essential in ensuring that the local people have high levels of respect that given towards them. Many scholars have documented that the expatriates need to ensure that they leave a legacy in the places they visit. This is done by the art of soliciting full cooperation from the subjects teaching them the benefits of listening and attention

Reactions to security advice
Lauring (2010) explains that security organs take security advice seriously but the reaction to the security advice varies with different police units. Some of the factors that led to these variations in the different documentation include the preparedness of the forces and equipment at their disposal. Experience plays an important role in the way the security organs act in accordance to the advice they receive. The expatriates involved in training he force have at times found themselves at loggerheads with the respective employers when they try to change the attitude and discipline.

Jan Selmer and Jakob Lauring (2010) give different tactics that an expatriate may use to win the employer and cooperation of his students in the line of his course. They emphasize on the issue of a reminding the two parties why they sourced for ones service and the reason why one is indispensable (Lauring, 2010).

Nature of Information shared
The nature of information shared with the expatriate varies in the level of disclosure. Some of the expatriates have been unprofessional and even revealed government secrets to other unfriendly nations as they are seeking asylum. This leads to the government to restrict the nature of Information it shares with such expatriates (Meredith Downs, 2000).

This chapter explains the laid down procedure on how to meet the research objectives and clearly deduce the hypothesis adopted. The methodology adopts quantitatitive research methods.

Data collection
Review of relevant literatures
This data collection method will be applied by studying existing literature on the decisions made by Abu Dhabi Police department. The material to be studied will be sought from the police library with consent of the police chief. Other literature sources will include newspaper articles and recorded interviews with the police.

This is one of the primary sources of data in collection of data. The interviews will target both the top and junior officers. Oral interviews will be based on the experiences during expatriate training and the alteration of decisions while in the line of duty.

This will help reach police who might not be very combatable for oral interview. The questions will be profession and be based to achieve the research objectives.

The proposed research will require observations to be made by accompanying the police on patrol and take notes on the quality of decisions they make.

Since this is a risky endeavor caution should be taken during this data collection procedure.

Data representation
The data collected will be analyzed and represented in tabular form by utilizing graphs and charts. After the data analysis, a conclusion will be drafted with all the findings and the hypothesis deduced.

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