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Free Essay on PS4

Well, it’s been enough time for those who bought the console to enjoy the nextgen games. Of course, it is still too early to draw any conclusions about capability of PS4, but there are already some impressions.

The first thing is a feeling of pure joy when you are unboxing PS4, I cannot describe it with any words.

It is just something you have to experience yourself. Just think about it: new generation consoles mean a whole new era in the gaming industry. Today we are waiting for a global change and remarkable progress in games.

PS4 exactly is the favorite in the race of new consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U). Here we got more powerful hardware and the console itself looks better, the power supply unit has quite reasonable dimensions, and the joystick is just out of competition, and the spirit of Sony (saying that excellent games are their primary priority) is encouraging.

Although by far we cannot enjoy a huge number of good exclusives at launch, but it would be quite foolish to expect a lot of games in the early days, and even months from the launch. There is a race, there are a couple of games for the family, there is an heavyweight exclusive and, well, a few second-rate games. If someone certainly consider it necessary to speak of the absence of exclusives, that there are no games, he probably should only remember what was at the launch of PS3 and Xbox 360. I think, we buy a console not for a couple of days, but for many years, and can be sure that many great exclusives (and we know that Sony will have them really cool) are waiting for us ahead.

Cross-platform games is something we should no longer ignore as the new console can benefit of the new hardware as its performance is not much inferior to a very powerful modern PC, and not to forget the optimization.

PS4 begins to surprise almost immediately. At first, just when you get the console out of the box, and you realize that it really is smaller than PS3 Slim (but not Super Slim). Next follow the search of the drive and some buttons on the front panel. At first glance, only two USB-ports are noticeable. Blu-Ray drive is located in the slot on the left side. There is no turn-on button, but a sensor (it makes sometime hard to understand if the console responded to your touch or not).

Those who played on the first Playstation should have a sense of nostalgia, as there is the “PS” icon that Sony returned at the start. After 10 seconds the console is ready and the magic begins.

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