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Free Essay on Gang Violence

The term “gang” often refers to “organized gangs of street” controlling a territory or “hood” (neighborhood). Members of street gangs are mostly blacks, followed by Latinos, and Slavs. They come from poor neighborhoods in North America and Central America.

Similarly, by referring to gang violence, we must note that it does not have a clear definition and varies from one group to another, and the range is wide. Some do not hesitate to attack, kill, or torture, while others have a more hushed operation, or a code of honor or ethics. Some street gangs, including all known, use murder and rape as a rite of passage for new members.

Others use violence as a last resort, whether for reasons of economy of means, respect for certain values ​​or to preserve their reputation. Still others, such as the Russian mafia and the Albanian mafia, have a reputation for being extremely bloodthirsty.

It must also be noted that people who become criminals are often those who have not been able to find a place or job in the legal society. So you will find many more people with problems, conflicts, unstable or antisocial behavior – as charming as they may be and whatever may have been the path that led them there – than aesthetes or other persons deliberately chosen this way (even if they may exist).

Often in both economically and socially problematic environments young people often become gang members due to a sense of being part of something or seeking protection against other criminal groups. They also may be motivated by unsuccessful attempts to get a job, when participating in gang gives them opportunity to earn a living. They become a part of the gang through rituals, violent practices, dress codes, by following some sort of a criminal code. Such as assault, drug trafficking, extortion, stealing property… They are very different and diverse, and quite often become targets for some extreme ideologies and beliefs that motivate and influence.

According Hailsworth and Young (2005), organized crime is a group of individuals for whom participation in the crime has a personal interest (usually financial). Organized criminal groups are not homogeneous among themselves. Their expertise ranges from the groups of unskilled amateurs to the network of real professionals, some of whom may even be recognized public figures, with own infrastructure. The more knowledgeable and organized they are, the more they know to hide their activities and are difficult to track down. The organization of groups reached such a level that when we can speak of “criminal syndicate.”

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