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Free Essay: Is Torture Ever Acceptable?

Have you ever thought about the reason of torture? We hear about torture every day and do not pay attention to this issue. Obviously, many people suffer from torture all over the world. Of course, there are different types of torture. Most of them are illegal, because they are applied by terrorists and criminals. Nevertheless, there is legal torture, which is practiced by the police and armed forces. They cause physical and emotional pain to a target in order to receive information. Naturally, when you ask if torture is ever acceptable, you will not be able to answer this question objectively. This issue is very controversial and has several solutions.

On the one hand, torture is acceptable if there are solid reasons for it. For example, it is possible to torture a criminal or a terrorist if the life of other people depends on his information. When you know that there is a bomb hidden somewhere in a mall, you do not have time to ask questions. You have to react rapidly and intensively. It is possible to cause physical pain to get to know about the bomb and the place of its explosion.

On the other hand, torture is never acceptable, because we should appreciate human life and health. When the police officers torture a criminal, they will not make him cooperate with them. He can tell them everything they want, but he will be filled with hatred and anger. Consequently, this criminal will not change his behavior and attitude towards life. When he is free, he will continue stealing property and murdering people. Furthermore, he will commit crimes that are more serious.

Torture is associated with dictators and totalitarian regimes. This practice was common in Nazi Germany and the USSR. The government of these countries permitted the police to apply the most severe forms of punishment and torture in order to receive information about opposition and their activity. These countries were based on torture and fear and they collapsed. Therefore, we can say that torture is not effective. It is possible to receive information with the help of other methods. Everybody knows that torture is still practiced all over the world. Even such developed countries as the USA, the UK, Germany and France practice it, though everybody keeps silent about it. We know that such cases exist, though we do not hear about them. When there is a criminal of the federal level, the police officers will surely torture him to gain the required information.

Naturally, the consequences of torture are horrible. The victim of torture obtains physical and psychological problems and has problems with socialization. She has troubles with health and suffers from depression and other psychological disorders. One can say that torture ruins human personality; therefore, people should avoid this practice if it is possible. It does not worth mentioning that torture is the simplest and the fastest method to receive information. Nevertheless, people should avoid violence and respect human life.

In conclusion, torture is a shameful practice that exists nearly in every part of the world. In some cases, torture is acceptable when there is no time to solve the problem in a humane way. When it is possible to save dozens and hundreds of human lives, it is acceptable to torture a criminal or terrorist to receive important information. In other cases, torture is unacceptable, because it is better to influence a criminal with the help of other effective methods. Moreover, if a criminal gains pity and understanding, he will be able to cooperate with the police intensively.