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Family Planning Reaction Paper

Several days ago, I read a very interesting article about the importance of family planning. The author pointed out at the strong sides of this activity. What is family planning? Why is this problem important today? Many people use the term ‘family planning’ as a synonym of ‘birth control’. Of course, one cannot say that these terms are equal, because birth control is just a part of a wide range of activities called family planning. In my opinion, this problem is very relevant and thought-provoking.

In some cultures, this issue is very controversial. I have decided to read this article and share my impressions about it with you.

Family control is not just contraception. When you speak about this issue, you should imagine such activities as planning of when to have children, sexuality education, birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. The problem of family planning is very important nowadays. The entire world suffers from overpopulation. Everybody knows that such countries as China and India have the highest population in the world. Very soon, the population of India will reach up to 2 billion people.

Naturally, our planet cannot feed so many mouths; therefore, we should think about the most reasonable approach towards family planning. This problem touches upon the economy of every state. It is not a secret that it is impossible for a couple to provide five or ten children with everything they need. Such children do not get enough food, clothes, love and care. In addition, they will not have future. It is impossible to provide every child with education. Finally, it is difficult to find a job when you live in an overpopulated state.

Family control starts with sexuality education. It is important to inform young people about the consequences of sexual contacts. Parents and teachers should inform children about different types of contraception. Finally, they should speak about the harmful effect of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV and AIDS. This information will save your child’s life. Every young person should understand that pregnancy is not an accident, but a planned action. Family planning will reduce the number of abortions and the children who have to live in orphanages. To my mind, children should know about sexual contacts and their consequences as soon as possible, because it will help them build their life wisely.

Birth control or the use of contraception is very important for family planning. It is important to make all means of contraception accessible and affordable for everyone. It is smart to establish special points where one can receive free condoms. It will help people reduce the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, the authorities of every state should carry out a special campaign, which will focus on the propagation of the usefulness of contraception. Doubtless, it is not enough to provide people with condoms or pills. They should learn how to use these means correctly. In this case, social media will be very useful.

In my opinion, smart couples should treat the problem of family planning seriously. They should visit a doctor and find out whether they have any genetic diseases, physical or psychological disorders, which can be obtained hereditarily by their offspring. On the one hand, love does not have any borders. On the other hand, one should always be on the safe side when planning his/her future family.

Finally, family planning should touch upon the problem of sexually transmitted diseases. It will not be a mistake to say that there are millions of people who suffer from AIDS. They continue infecting other people spreading this virus in the world.

In conclusion, family planning is a very important issue. Everyone should treat this problem seriously, because he/she is responsible for his/her children. People should plan their sexual activity wisely in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancies, which most often finish with abortion.

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