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Experimental Psychology Essay

Experimental psychology is the field of psychology based on the scientific method. It is the study of directly observable behaviors. Experimental psychologists use various methods: descriptive (such as systematic observations, observations of correlations, relationships between variables, ex-post-facto studies, etc.) or the pure experimental method.

Use free sample essays on experimental psychology to know that in the XVIIIth century, some psychologists, including Germans, began to study the psychophysical relationship between physical stimuli and the sensation felt by the subject. This work allowed the introduction of measurement in psychology, and were responsible for the Weber-Fechner law on discrimination between two stimulus.

Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) was a pioneer of the experimental psychology. He sought to demonstrate the relationship between psychic phenomena and organic substrates, particularly in the brain and nervous system. He wrote in his Elements of biological psychology (Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychology, 1874), a detailed description of the nervous system, its nature, its structure and functioning.

He is the founder of the first experimental psychology laboratory in Leipzig in 1879, where many European and North American methods of experimental psychology have been formed.

The term “Experimental psychology” is invented in France during the creation of an early “Laboratory of Psychology and Experimental Linguistics” in Rennes, by the philosopher and psychologist Benjamin Bourdon in 1896. Highly influenced by Theodule Ribot, Bumblebee took courses in psychology, and after getting the 1st place in the aggregation of Psychology in October 1886 and receiving a scholarship worth 500 francs, he went to Germany, where he studied Wilhelm Wundt experimental psychology in Leipzig. Lecturer at the University of Rennes, he gave for the first time in 1891 a course of the “experimental psychology,” during which he announced the divorce between philosophy and psychology.

Finally, we can mention the creation in 1894 of the first journal devoted to scientific psychology: Psychological years, founded by Alfred Binet.

Even less than biology, psychology can, during its experiments, consider all factors. Indeed, since the beginning of investigating the human being, the analysis is complicated and many factors – biological, environmental, cultural and social, and others – are taken into account.

Compared to deterministic laws underlying the inorganic world, both in the field of physics or chemistry, and the living world – biology, those that guide human beings are of the probabilistic nature. They are therefore more difficult to study.

In other words, it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same experiments in psychology, firstly because people change over time, and secondly because people are all different from each other.

If you look through some free example essays on the topic you will understand that experimental psychology, like bio-medical sciences, use of animals or human subjects for the experiments. It is obvious that they must be protected by a code ethics, defining the responsibility of the research psychologist to their objects of study.