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Example Essay on How to Be a Good Student

How to enjoy all the pleasures of the student life and to pass all the session without “fails”? How to live with dignity golden age of you youth and successfully utilize the experience and knowledge throughout the rest of your life? This essay is about how to be a good student.

First of all, to be successful you need your body to be prepared properly, so that it would not “give up” until the end of a school year, which threatens you a suspension, inability to pass the exams, a failed session, and finally you may drop out of college.

Therefore, from the outset it is necessary to adjust yourself to a special regime, the rhythm of college life, which is sometimes so intense that latter you will wonder how did find time to be everywhere? Where did you get so much energy?

And energy you’ll have, if you act wisely, to be able to fairly allocate time for “business” and for “fun.”

First of all, you need to understand that a good student does not cut classes, and even more so – seminars and workshops. He write down all the notes, has his laboratory reports timely prepared, tries to earn a “good notes” on practical exercises in order to get free pass at least in some tests, which allows his to get some extra time to prepare for the exam, and, believe me, it is very, very important!

Secondly, a good student has usually an active social position: he do not shirk from public life, and always finds some time to play in a college theater or prepare a college newspaper. Since these are exactly the moments you will positively recall your student tie for life! And the people, whom you live with side by side throughout whole this mess, are likely to become your best friends for many years.

Sometimes, such a life can be too addictive to a certain student, who are inclined to turn into a kind of “eternal student,” who will not finish his study. But practice shows that it is better to avoid this. Most of the “eternal student” in the end do not graduate and leave without a degree, having studied at the same time for two or three or even five years longer than their classmates.

But what about the Internet, computer games, meetings with classmates, and having parties? Do you have to forget about it? Not at all, but on one condition: your study will always be in first place. A good student has time for everything: to hang out at a party at the club and socialize with friends on the social networks.

Whatever you say, and student life really is the most fun, most interesting, and vibrant time in life! If you manage your time the right, will not not be lazy, actively demonstrate your knowledge in practice – you can learn so much and make it! This unique experience of participating in the various activities of student life is useful to you for life.

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