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Essay on Electrical Safety

Passing through the human body, electric current greater than the value of 0.015 A, destroys it, and evaluation of electric shock is reduced to the determination of voltage of the current going through the human body. Low voltage currents can do no harm, while high can lead to death.

When people do not follow the rules of electrical safety, they undergo a great risk to get into accidents.

Injuries caused by electrocution as well as fires in electrical systems occur primarily due to ignorance of basic rules of electrical safety and only then – due to non-compliance with these rules.

Electrical safety in terms of country living differs from electrical safety in urban environments. Statistics show that the highest number of injuries in the summer months, when most of the day, adults, and children spend outdoors. Approximately 90% of injured are men and boys, 10% are women and girls.

Often, owners of summer cottages on their own do some work on the installation and repair of electrical wiring and devices attached to the network different machines and devices. Most of them are not specialists and electrical work is carried out illiterate, which naturally often leads to accidents or fire. A typical installation defect is incorrect assembly of electrical circuits.

To avoid electric shock, you must know about the danger of electric current, know firmly and steadily comply basic rules for the use of electrical energy.

It is fatal not only to touch, but also to come closer than 8-10 m to a broken wire lying on the ground as the area of current spreading have so-called “step” voltage. You can leave the area of ​​current spreading on with the legs close together or jumping on one leg. Effects of electric current outside 8-10 m from a broken wire on the ground are almost imperceptible.

Most often due to contact with broken or sagging wires, it is children who are traumatized, mostly boys. It is forbidden to climb on the roofs of the houses, where near electrical wires pass on supporting external grid, to play under the overhead line, launch a kite there, open the transformer substations, etc.

Upon detection of dangling wires or sagging transmission line the damaged area should be to protected, people should warn about the danger and the problem should be immediately report to the district electrician or electrical company. Telephone of the regional electric company must be written on the cabinet doors of the transformer substations installed on the territory of the village or landscape gardening partnership.

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