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Essay: Why Graduate School?

My reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree in accounting with the CPA qualifying in Brooklyn College are varied and multiple. Early this year I’ve graduated from Brooklyn College with a BS in accounting. I’m determined to continue my studies to obtain a higher degree – and I’m confident that I’m able simultaneously to contribute and benefit from this academic experience.

Since early teens becoming a qualified Public Accountant has been my cherished dream, and I always make my best to translate my dreams into reality. While pursuing my undergraduate studies, I had to put my dreams on hold twice, first to parent my son and second to take care of my ill mother. Despite all the challenges, I’ve maintained focus on my studies and ceased every opportunity to return back to studies with a view to achieving my lifelong dream.

The Undergraduate diploma has been only the first step on the way to realizing my dream. I’m aiming at becoming a highly qualified specialist in my area, so graduate education is the necessary prerequisite to deep success and career advances. Consequently, I will get a bargaining power in the market. I already have enough working experience, and this experience has only reassured my determination to become a professional in accounting. I’ve been working for a number of financial companies and institutions for a combined total of 15 years, and my duties varied from A/P and A/R to payroll and budgeting.

During my first accounting class at Brooklyn College my professor, Zceler, said that every student that passes his class knows that he or she has the stamina to succeed. Without this stamina to succeed you will become a “glorified bookkeeper,” and that’s obviously not a legitimate definition of my shop.

Brooklyn College is the perfect place for me to pursue the chosen degree. I’ve been around for six years already; therefore, I’m well familiar with its facilities, professors, peers, and curriculum. The location of the college is convenient since it’s in close proximity to the place of my residence. The college has already become my alma mater, and I’m emotionally attached to it and the people who are affiliated with it.

I’m highly satisfied with the nature and level of education I’ve been receiving here, and both academic and technical facilities of the college have always met my needs. Furthermore, the major advantage of Brooklyn College is the flexibility of the program, i.e. weekend or evening classes.

I perceive my graduate degree as opening windows that would be otherwise closed to me. My ultimate goal after becoming a certified public account is my own accounting firm. I’ve already drafted my business plan, which had been reviewed and received positive feedback.