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Essay: Skipping Meals is Better than Eating Junk Food

The problem of nutrition has always been very important and relevant for everybody. Obviously, your health depends on the quality of food you consume. If you want to stay healthy, you ought to eat healthy food. It does not worth mentioning that junk food is not healthy. It causes harm to your digestion system, metabolism, cardiovascular system, etc. If a human being wants to be healthy, she should consume high-quality products systematically. Moreover, one must not eat a lot at once. One should distribute his big meals into portions. It is reasonable to have a meal every three hours. When you skip meals, it affects your organism negatively. Some people decide to satisfy their hunger with the help of junk food. This decision is very controversial, because junk food is unhealthy. At the same time, skipping meals is also bad. Let us observe this issue in detail.

When you skip meals, you cause harm to your organism. Our body requires vitamins and microelements all the time. Evidently, the shortage of these elements causes stress. Our organism begins to use its reserves in order to generate the required amount of energy. No wonder, a hungry person is angry, exhausted and she loses her interest in everything. Moreover, people feel pain and avoid physical activity when they are hungry. Naturally, this condition is harmful for our health. It is important to have a snack between your major meals if you want to avoid this feeling of complete and exhausting hunger.

Many people make a common mistake. When they have access towards food after a long break, they begin to eat a lot. They do not understand that big amounts of food cause the same harm to our health as hunger does. Our stomach cannot cope with big portions of food after several hours of starvation. It requires time to get back to its usual tempo. No wonder, we feel sick when we eat a lot being hungry. It is reasonable to eat little to prevent any problems with digestion.

Many people make another mistake. They decide to eat junk food in order to satisfy their hunger for a while. On the one hand, this decision is smart, because it is bad to exhaust your organism. You require fatigue and energy to be able to work and study. When you have a break between classes, you can eat something to fill your body with energy. You will manage to survive another hour or two after eating junk food. On the other hand, junk food is not a good option for nutrition. When you eat junk food, you fill your body with fat and sugar. You receive energy but you become at risk of gaining extra weight.

Furthermore, this kind of food is overloaded with sugar, which causes harm to your cardiovascular and digestion systems. Consequently, this light energy can spoil your health if you consume junk food and fast food frequently. You will gain extra fat and sugar but nothing more. The most common problem of people who consume junk food every day is gastritis. Junk food contains acids that ruin stomach walls. As a result, your digestion system becomes vulnerable and weak.

To sum it all up, skipping meals is better than eating junk food. It is better to wait for a few hours than to fill your body with fat, sugar and acids. Of course, the best decision is to have a snack with a sandwich, an apple or another fruit to avoid exhaustive hunger.

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