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Essay: Should Surrogacy Be Legalized?

Have you ever heard about surrogacy agreement? According to this arrangement a woman agrees to carry her pregnancy for the definite parents. When a couple cannot have children, it is possible to find a woman who will agree to carry her pregnancy for this couple. When she bears her baby, she gives it to this childless couple. It is does not worth mentioning that the problem of surrogacy is very controversial. In some countries a case of surrogacy is a scandal, while in another country this agreement is a norm.

It is possible to analyze the problem of surrogacy from different angles. When we dwell on the positive sides of surrogacy, we will think about its social value. Everybody knows that family is a center of the human society. Family is a basic cell of human civilization. Consequently, a human being is able to live and develop in a family. When one is deprived of his family, he will have psychological problems based on the lack of communication and close relations.

People require love, care and support of their parents, grandparents and siblings. These people know everything about us and we can share our happiness and problems with them. Unfortunately, there are cases when a couple cannot have its own children, because of health problems. In this case, couples decide to ask a woman to help them. Women agree to carry pregnancies for money and for free. Naturally, altruistic form of surrogacy is a noble action. A woman sacrifices her time and health for the good of others. However, this type of surrogacy occurs rarely, because very few women agree to sacrifice their health for free. Many women decide to sign a surrogacy agreement because of lack of money. Rich couples are ready to pay a lot in order to have a child that will have their genes.

Obviously, many countries protest against gainful and altruistic forms of surrogacy. Many European countries and several states of the USA have banned surrogacy on their territories. They claim that surrogacy is an immoral action that breaks the rules of nature. Religious organizations protest against surrogacy too. On the other hand, Muslim countries support surrogacy and do not treat it as crime. When you decide to sign a surrogacy agreement in France, Belgium or Germany, you will be imprisoned and fined. However, there are several countries that have legalized altruistic and gainful forms of surrogacy, for example, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia or India.

The biggest disadvantage of surrogacy is its harmful effect on adoption. Nowadays the majority of orphanages are overflowing with children. Logically, childless couples should adopt these children and bring them up. Unfortunately, such couples prefer a child that will have their genes, because even the best adopted child is still a stranger.

Therefore, the problem is really urgent, because surrogacy can reduce the rates of adoption. It will cause serious social problems. On the other hand, the percentage of women who agree to carry a pregnancy is very low. Moreover, many childless couples are not ready to pay for this action a lot.

In conclusion, surrogacy can be legal, because every couple has a right to have its own child. When parents are not ready to adopt a child from an orphanage, they should be provided with the right to obtain a baby with the help of a surrogacy agreement.