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Essay: Should People Stop Using Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social network existing nowadays and hundreds of millions of people from all over the world have their accounts there. Facebook is quite a young phenomenon, which can be called an innovation of the beginning of the 21st century which has conquered the world. People of all age, gender, social position, religious views spend time there communicating with other people and collecting information about the issues they are interested in. In fact, Facebook is mainly popular among the young people, who use its opportunities for entertainment and making friends and it should be admitted that the majority of parents worry about the growing effect of Facebook on their children, as the latter become stuck to their laptops and smart phones surfing the social network 24/7.

Like any controversial phenomenon Facebook has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, Facebook like any other social network consumes too much time and affects the human physical and mental health negatively. If a person spends the whole day in the sitting position, she will definitely have problems with posture, heart, vision (laptops, smart phones, PCs influence the human eyes badly) and have such diseases as obesity, which occurs because of the lack of movement. Furthermore, Facebook consumes the time which can be spent on education and self-development. As a result the modern generation becomes unintelligent and does not have any practical skills, because years ago children attended various clubs on interests and sections which developed their personality from all sides. Finally, most of people spend time on the useless acquaintances with various people from different countries communicating about nothing special.

In spite of having numerous negative sides Facebook can be helpful to the certain extent. For example, the social network is an excellent tool of spreading news about the important events and issues which can be useful for the society. Moreover, one can find friends in other countries and learn about their life and culture through the direct communication with the representative of the different culture. Finally, due to the existence of numerous virtual communities and groups which unite people with the same interests it is possible to learn something new and fascinating about the activity, movie, sport, game, etc which is close to you.

To sum it all up, Facebook is a rapidly developing social network which connects people from different countries and provides them with numerous opportunities, but it should be used wisely and be only a tool in the process of self-improvement.

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