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Essay: Should Immigration Laws Be Reformed?

Immigration is a delicate matter all over the world. The difference between the developed and third world countries is constantly growing. No wonder, people decide to leave their home and move to developed countries. They hope to start a new life and support their living efficiently. Developed countries are supposed to be the best places to reveal your potential. If you are a poor smart person, you can move to a rich country and apply your knowledge and talents on practice. Of course, you cannot move to the country, which has strict immigration laws. Therefore, a smart person has to waste her potential at home. So, should immigration laws be reformed? This issue has its pros and cons.

Doubtless, many people who live in developed countries do not want to see immigrants in their cities and villages. They have improved their country with the help of hard work and radical policy. Naturally, they treat immigrants negatively, because they run from their home countries and increase population and unemployment rates. This argument is quite solid, because unemployment is the most serious thing in every country. Everyone wants to find a good job and he will not agree to share his workplace with an immigrant.

Secondly, illegal immigration is connected with crime, prostitution and drug trafficking. Illegal migrants do not work officially. They receive their salary illegally and increase the influence of the shady market. Moreover, they do not pay taxes. Consequently, they take advantage of numerous services but they do not contribute into the development of the state. It does not worth mentioning that this problem is relevant. Taxpayers protest against illegal immigration, because the wellbeing of their country is their own burden. Illegal immigrants just take advantage of the country’s achievements but they pay nothing from their side. Illegal immigration is closely connected with crime and drug trafficking. Such immigrants steal, murder, sell drugs and cause harm to an average citizen. In my opinion, the government should work hard to protect our borders from the illegal immigrants who will bring violence into this country.

On the other hand, a smart immigrant is a treasure for every developed country. It is important to reform immigration laws to simplify the access to legal migration. The USA requires smart and multitasking people. Very often, legal immigrants are very effective and they contribute into the development of the USA and its economy. They work in international corporations and attract money into this country. Then, legal immigration is not dangerous. Most often, immigrants occupy low-paid professions; therefore, they do not steal workplaces from an average American. They work in such places where a common citizen will refuse to work. Next, legal migrants work legally. Consequently, they join the army of taxpayers who fill our state budget with money. Doubtless, our budget receives billions of dollars due to the legal migrants annually. Of course, it is reasonable to reform immigration laws in order to attract smart people from all over the world. In addition, such professionals are cheaper.

Companies do not have to spend time and money on training and development of new experts. They are able to recruit experienced and well-trained immigrants who can work at once.

Immigration is a controversial and relevant issue. To my mind, the government should reform immigration laws in order to invite well-educated legal professionals who are ready to work hard for the well-being of this country. At the same time, it should take more efforts to protect the borders of this country from illegal immigration, which brings more harm than good.

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